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  Horus Heresy Release List numbernameauthor  1Horus RisingDan Abnett2False GodsGraham McNeill3Galaxy in FlamesBen ounter!Flight o the #isenstein$ames %&allo& 4AThe Kaban ProjectGraham McNeill 'FulgrimGraham McNeill(Descent o AngelsMitchel %canlon 6AThe Dark KingGraham McNeill6BThe Lightning TowerDan Abnett  )*egionDan Abnett+Battle or the AbyssBen ounter,MechanicumGraham McNeill1-.ales o Heresy/11Fallen AngelsMi0e *ee11A Raen! #lightGa Thor$e 12A .housand %onsGraham McNeill13Nemesis$ames %&allo&1!.he First HereticAaron Dembs0i/Bo&den1!AGarro ath o Moment$ames %&allo&1'rosero BurnsDan Abnett %&AThe 'ron (ithinRob )an*er 1'BGarro *egion o ne$ames %&allo&1(Age o Dar0ness/1(Aromethean %unNic0 4yme1).he utcast DeadGraham McNeill %+ADeath o, a )iler mithGraham McNeill 1)BAurelianAaron Dembs0i/Bo&den1+Deli5erance *ostGa5 .hore1,4no& No FearDan Abnett1,AArmy o neRob %anders1,BButcher6s NailsAaron Dembs0i/Bo&den %-.The LionGa Thor$e 2-.he rimarchs/2-A4rytosGraham McNeill2-BGrey Angel$ohn French21Fear to .read$ames %&allo&21ADistant #choes o ld NightRob %anders22%hado&s o .reachery/22ABrotherhood o the %tormhris 7raight22BBurden o Duty$ames %&allo&22Gates o .erraNic0 4yme22D*ost %ons$ames %&allo&22#.he Di5ine 7ordGa5 .hore22FGarro %&ord o .ruth$ames %&allo&22G7armaster$ohn French22H%tri0e 8 FadeGuy Haley  229:eritas FerrumDa5id Annandale23Angel #xterminatusGraham McNeill2!BetrayerAaron Dembs0i/Bo&den2!AAngron/2!B.he %igillitehris 7raight2'Mar0 o alth/2'Aorax %oul orgeGa5 .hore2'B.he 9merial .ruth/2'%erent$ohn French2'DHonour to the DeadGa5 .hore2'#7ol HuntGraham McNeill2'FensureNic0 4yme2'G%corched #arthNic0 4yme2(:ul0an *i5esNic0 4yme2(A.allarn #xecutioner$ohn French2).he ;nremembered #mireDan Abnett2)ARi5en$ohn French2)B*una MendaxGraham McNeill2).hie o Re5elationsGraham McNeill2)DB<orn *one 7ol hris 7raight2)#4harn .he #ight old athAnthony Reynolds2)F*ucius the #ternal BladeGraham McNeill2)Gyher Guardian o rderGa5 .hore2+%carshris 7raight2+AMaccragge6s HonourDan Abnett2+B7ol o Ash and FireGraham McNeill2+=Hunter6s MoonGuy Haley2,:enge ul %iritGraham McNeill  t/$e$ublication *ate no5elAril 2--(no5el$une 2--(no5elctober 2--(no5elMarch 2--) hort tor/0une 122+ no5el$uly 2--)no5elctober 2--) hort tor/3au*io *ramactober 122+ hort tor/3au*io *ramactober 122+ no5elMarch 2--+no5elAugust 2--+no5elDecember 2--+anthologyAril 2--,no5el$uly 2--, au*io *rama#ebruar/ 12%2 no5elMarch 2-1-no5elAugust 2-1-no5elNo5ember 2-1-audio dramaDecember 2-1-no5el$anuary 2-11 hort tor/#ebruar/ 12%% audio dramaAril 2-11anthologyMay 2-11*# no5ella$une 2-11no5el2' ctober 2-11 hort tor/)e$tember 12%% *# no5ellactober 2-11no5el$anuary 2-12no5elMarch 2-12short storyAril 2-12audio dramaMay 2-12 hort tor/Ma/ 12%1 anthologyMay 2-12short story$une 2-12audio drama3 August 2-12no5elAugust 2-12short story%etember 2-12anthology2' %etember 2-12*# no5ella%etember 2-12audio dramactober 2-12short story2, ctober 2-12short storyNo5ember 2-12short storyNo5ember 2-12audio dramaNo5ember 2-12audio dramaDecember 2-12audio dramaDecember 2-12  audio dramaDecember 2-12no5el$anuary 2-13no5elMarch 2-13anthology2, March 2-13audio drama2 Aril 2-13anthologyAril 2-13*# no5ellaAril 2-13anthology1+ May 2-13short story1+ May 2-13audio dramaMay 2-13audio drama2- May 2-13audio drama$uly 2-13no5ellaAugust 2-13no5elAugust 2-13*# no5ella%etember 2-13no5elctober 2-13short storyNo5ember 2-13short storyNo5ember 2-13audio dramaNo5ember 2-13short storyDecember 2-13audio dramaDecember 2-13audio dramaDecember 2-13audio dramaDecember 2-13no5el$anuary 2-1!grahic/no5el$anuary 2-1!short story$anuary 2-1!audio drama2-1!=no5el2-1!=
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