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  Hong Kong: How to Get to Victoria Peak from Tsim Sha Tsui by MTR Published:   9 August 2013Words:  Yoshke Dimen  The Victoria Peak is one of the most popular tourist attractions in ong !ong #t allo$s breathtaking panoramic %ie$s of Victoria arbor &ore about Victoria Peak here  The best $a' to get there( )' the iconic and historic Peak Tram* of course +rom the,o$er Terminus located along -arden .oad* getting to the Peak is eas' )ut getting to the terminal* that/s the confusing part &ost budget hotels and guesthouses in ong !ong are in Tsim ha Tsui* an urban district in !o$loon #f 'our hotel is located here and 'ou $ish to get to the Victoria Peak* here/s a uick guide using the cit'/s epansi%e &T. s'stem and the iconic Peak Tram 1 Take the &T. to entral tation 2 4nce at entral tation* follo$ the signs to 5it 62 There are plent' of them so don/t $orr' about not 7nding it 3 After emerging through 5it 62* 'ou/ll see the hater -arden Turn right immediatel' after the eit and $alk across the garden 8 can the sk'line and look for the )ank of hina To$er #t/s eas' to spot it thanks to its uniue architecture heck out the da' and night photos of the building belo$  !eep an e'e on the to$er and $alk to$ards it ;ou/ll kno$ 'ou/re on the right path $hen 'ou 7nd 'ourself crossing a street and seeing a <'o%er ead directl' to -arden .oad = At one point along the street 'ou/ll see a small alle' to 'our right called )atter' Path ;ou ma' take it to see the beautiful t 6ohn/s athedral* a brief but $orth' stopo%er ;ou can simpl' $alk around it and 'ou/ll be back along -arden .oad #f 'ou/re not interested in this church* >ust continue $alking along -arden .oad ? ;ou/ll 7nd the -arden .oad Peak Tram ,o$er Terminus to 'our left @ +all in line and 'ou/ll e%entuall' reach the ticket counter Peak Tram and k' Pass roundtrip ticket costs ! ? for adults and ! 3= for kids 4ne $a' costs ! =3 and ! 29 for adults and children respecti%el' 9 )oard the Peak Tram 5n>o' the ride 10 -et to the top of the building to reach the k' Terrace 5n>o' the %ie$ of Victoriaarbor from hereB That/s itB ope this helps
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