homework should be banned from primary schools

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a mini essay on homework should be banned from primary schools
  Homework should be abolished in primary schoolsA large number of primary school students’ parents consider homework to be unnecessary at such a young age and agree that it should be prohibited. Even though a great amount of teachers are against this proposalsuggesting that homework is an extremely important method of practicing and broadening the student´s knowledge, there are three main reasons why thisshould be taken into consideration. irstly, homework is time consuming at suchan early age when children need to play and en!oy every moment of their childhood. oreover, it is almost pointless to have those young childrencompleting homework when they have been in class almost all day and have been doing the same activity. #herefore, it is considered that such assignmentscould be more beneficial to students in secondary school for example, where thelevel of information increases and they have a better understating of theinformation provided. $econdly, homework is very changeling for children whohave an extremely crowded schedule. #he ma!ority of these young students take part in extracurricular activities such as dancing, music, arts or drawing classesor sport activities and they lack free time. %ot to mention the fact that theyarrive home tired and exhausted and the only activity that cheers them iswatching cartoons or reading a book instead of doing their homework. &naddition to this, they have a tendency in completing their assignmentsincorrectly. Assignments in class are convenient and necessary when learningsomething new as they can ask their classmates or their teacher for help if theyneed assistance but at home, the ma!ority of the students have nobody to ask either because their parents aren´t aware of the matter or because they are at  work. 'onse(uently, they have nobody to assist them and they have to wait untilthey return to school to have their (uestions answered. &n conclusion, taking intoconsideration the above mentioned reasons, the matter of homework being banned in primary schools should be considered and anali)ed for the well andhappiness of the children.
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