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RESUME Akashdeep Singh 2700 Kirk Leigh road, Dundalk, Baltimore, MD 21222 937-259-4267 45akashdeepsingh@gmail.com CAREER FOCUS: Work as an Accounting Manager at INFOSYS JOB OBJECTIVE STATEMENT: There are several areas in which the account manager have to show skills. Some of that are developing and maintaining better relationship with clients through effective communication, provide better customer services, analyzing data and problem solving skills. Object
  R ESUME   Akashdeep Singh2700 Kirk Leigh road,Dundalk, Baltimore, MD 212229372!9 2#7 !akashdeepsingh$gmail%&om CAREER FOCUS ' (ork as an A&&ounting Manager at )*+S-S    J OB  O BJECTIVE  S TATEMENT :  .here are se/eral areas in hi&h the a&&ount manager ha/e to sho skills% Some o that are de/eloping and maintaining etter relationship ith &lients through ee&ti/e &ommuni&ation, pro/ide etter &ustomer ser/i&es, anal45ing data and prolem sol/ing skills% Objective ' M4 o6e&ti/e is to e&ome proessional in a&&ounting eld% And later on ) ant to &ommen&e m4 on usiness % Q UALIFICATIONS /S KILLS ' ã 8rolem sol/ing skills ã ommuni&ation skills ã (orks e:&ientl4 and ee&ti/el4 E DUCATION ' ã ommunit4 &ollege o Baltimore ount4 Baltimore, Mar4land ã Date o attendan&e' Septemer ! th , 201# ã Degree ; Asso&iates Ma6or A&&ounting ã Date re&ei/ed <e=pe&ted ; De&emer ! th  2020 ã >8A ?o/erall and<or in Ma6or@ A  RELATED COURSEWORK  ' ã A&&ounting Diploma
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