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Name: Brandon Hipp Address: 1837 Merritt Blvd City/State/Zip: Baltimore/MD/21222 Phone Number410/404/2855 Email: bman360hipp@gmail.com Objective: I am currently looking for a position to enhance my knowledge on all things work related. Currently enrolled in college. I am looking to gain experience in all fields. A well determined man that is read
  Name: Brandon HippAddress: 1837 Merritt BlvdCity/State/Zip: Baltimore/MD/21222!one N m#er$1%/$%$/28&&'mail: #man3(%!ipp)*mail+,om -#.e,tive:   am , rrently loo0in* or a position to en!an,e my 0noled*e on all t!in*s or0 related+ C rrently enrolled in ,olle*e+  am loo0in* to *ain eperien,e in all 4elds+ A ell determined man t!at is ready to ta0e on any ,!allen*e+ Q UALIFICATIONS /S KILLS : ã Comm ni,ation ã M ltitas0in* ã  5e,!ni,al S0ills ã Dependa#le E DUCATION : Name o Colle*e/S,!ool: ataps,o Hi*! S,!ool 2%1262%1(/C rrently enrolled at CCBC City/State: Baltimore MD De*ree: 5e,!nolo*y Ma.or: 'n*ineerin* E XPERIENCE : ilippo9s City/State: Baltimore/MD ine Mana*er Dates o 'mployment: %&/%7/1&6 %2/11/1( ;esponsi#ilities <ist , rrent .o#s in present tense= ormer .o#s in past tense+ >se a,tion ver#s? ã nstr ,t proper ays to prepare ood ã Coo0 ã -r*ani@e inventory ã Clean
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