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Holibrook Elementary School Brochure
       H  o   l   l   i   b  r  o  o   k   E   l  e  m  e  n   t  a  r  y    e  x  a  s   Hollibrook Elementary  Student Achievement (STAAR assessments) Last year, students in grades 3-5 th took the ath and reading state assessent. !n a erage, 5#$ %ere &ro'(ient on the ath assessent and##$ %ere &ro'(ient on the reading assessent. )&&roxiately 70$ o* *ourth grade students took the %ritingST))+ in nglish, *or the 'rst tie, and 67$ o* these students s(ored Student achievementWho are we? Hollirook leentary H/ is &art o* S&ring /ran(h 1nde&endent S(hool istri(t, a sall distri(t nestled et%een y&ress-4airanks 1nde&endent S(hool istri(t and aty 1nde&endent S(hool distri(t. H/ ser es 8#0 students in grade re--5 th , o* %hi(h ake u& the distri(ts highest &o&ulation o* nglish Language Learners LLs, re(ent iigrants and students %ithinterru&ted *oral s(hooling S14. !ur students (oe *ro ' e a&artent (o&lexes on one street, itner +oad. early 6,000 &eo&le li e on this street aking it the ost&o&ulated area in Houston. H/ is an i&ro eent re9uired 1+ s(hool in year *our %hi(h %as re(ently a%arded the (y(le # T1S grant *ro T) in the su o* 8.5 illion dollars to in(rease student a(hie eent. Our leadership team rogras o:ered at H/; ã 4ull day re-indergarten ã ual Language re-indergarten ã  )*ters(hool &rogras; So((er, /aseall, hoir, +en<ulli S(ien(e enri(hent, an(e, = )rt ã >onthly arent o:ee %ith the rin(i&al Staf/Faculty Stafing H/ oasts a sta: o* #5 tea(hers, 8 (erti'ed inter entionists, 5 instru(tional (oa(hes, and 6 L &ara&ro*essionals. 1n addition to su&&ort sta:, there are 3 adinistrators; a &rin(i&al and t%o assistant &rin(i&als. Contact Us Hollirook leentary3602 Hollister St.Houston, Texas 770807?3-275-5800 @isit us on the Ae;htt&s;BB(s.s&ringran(hisd.(oBhe3
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