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hadoop and big data
  UNIT 1 IMP Questions1.What is Big Data? Implements the Linkedlist DataStu!tue in a#a.$.Name some !ompanies that use %adoop? Implements the Queue DtaStu!tue in a#a&.Implements the Sta!k DataStu!tue in a#a.'.What is Wappe (lasses? )*plain the (on!ept o+ Seiali,ation.UNIT $ IMP Questions1. -hat is /S? -*plain -ith neat diagam?$. )*plain the Building Blo!ks o+ %D/S0Name NodeData Node2o3 Ta!keTaskTa!keSe! Name Node4 -ith neat diagam?055555555 IMP4&. -ite notes on !on+iguation o+ 6ML /iles in %adoop? UNIT & IMP Questions1. -hat ae the di++een!e 3et-een M71 and M7$?$. -ith an e*ample e*plain di#e !odemappe !odeedu!e !ode in hadoop?&. -hat is the signi+i!an!e o+ !om3ine and patione !lass in hadoop?'. Map7edu!e Pogam8 To +ind a#eage tempeatue +o ea!h 9ea in N(D( data set.?1. What ae the #aious Wita3le inte+a!es in %adoop?$. -hat happen -hen thee is no Wita3le(ompaa3le inte+a!e in %adoop?&. -ite shot notes on the +ollo-ing data t9pes in %adoop? Wita3le -appes +o 2a#a pimiti#es Te*t B9tesWita3le NullWita3le :3 e!tWita3le enei!Wita3le Wita3le !olle!tions '. %o- to speed up the Map7edu!e po!ess -ith 7a-(ompaato?UNIT ; IMP Questions1. )*plain Pig a!hite!tue in detail -ith neat diagam?$. -hat is the di++een!e 3et-een %i#e and <pa!hePig?&. -hat is the di++een!e 3et-een Map7edu!e and <pa!hePig?'. <pa!he Pig S!ipting Statements and data t9pe...?1. )*plain %i#e a!hite!tue in detail -ith neat diagam?$. %o- the Wok/lo- -ill happen Bet-een %i#e and %adoop?&. What is the di++een!e 3et-een %i#e and <pa!hePig?'. Wite the a#a and %i#e S!ipt +o the +ollo-ing? !eate data3ase sele!t statement +o ea!h statement ode 39 statement alte ta3le statement Dop ta3le statement
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