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Flor Guillen 6 Townridge Ct 443-653-5335 Nottingham, Maryland 21236 Work Experience HomeAway Spain S.L. Madrid, Spain Office Manager May 2015 - May 2016  General office management including maintaining and ordering stationery supplies and general office supplies.  Assi
  Flor Guillen 6 Townridge Ct Nottingham, Maryland 21236 443-653-5335 florguillengmail! om #or$ %&'erien e HomeAway Spain S.L. (ffi e Manager Madrid, )'ainMay 2*15 - May 2*16 ã General offi e management in luding maintaining and ordering +tationery +u''lie+ and general offi e +u''lie+! ã  ++i+ted with fa ilitie+ reuirement+ for wee$ly on-.oarding of new em'loyee+ and ontra tor+! ã /ro0ided admini+trati0e +u''ort to the egional ire tor of )outh of %uro'e on a regular .a+i+! ã e+'on+i.le for the offi e e&'en+e+ and wor$ed lo+ely with the finan e de'artment! ã Managed om'any e0ent+ internally and e&ternally! Irish Cancer Society /atient )er0i e+ dmini+trator u.lin, relandune 2*13 - uly 2*14 ã  ++i+ted with the admini+tration of the re ruitment, training and on-going +u'er0i+ion of 0olunteer+! ã Monitored Care to ri0e 0olunteer e&'en+e+ and 'ro0iding .a $ u' for 'ayment+ to the Finan e e'artment! ã Managed referral+ from the ho+'ital, organied 'atient+ + hedule and +our ing them with a dri0er to and from their a''ointment+! ã Collated +tati+ti + on Care to ri0e and de0elo'ing new re'ort+ a+ reuired! G4S Secure Solutions Ireland e e'tioni+t 7 dmini+trator u.lin, relandMar h 2*12 - une 2*13 ã /ro e++ed all all+ on a .u+y +wit h.oard, en+uring all hel'de+$ all+ are dealt with in an effi ient manner! ã /ro0ided admini+tration +u''ort to 8ead (ffi e +taff on a daily .a+i+! ã )u''orted a ount+ 'aya.le on a daily .a+i+! /ro e++ing of G4) reland in0oi e+, wor$ing on two +er0er+ 9urora and :M;! ã Managed a0aila.ility of internal meeting room+ and .oo$ing of e&ternal meeting room+ when reuired! ã General offi e management in luding maintaining and ordering +tationery +u''lie+ and general offi e +u''lie+! %du ation CCBC Essex  ++o iate+ egree  ounting4!* G/:altimore, M ugu+t 2*16 - e 2*1<  )$ill+ = Nati0e )'ani+h +'ea$er!= /rofi ient in Mi ro+oft (ffi e )uite!= >ui $ learner, $een to learn and im'ro0e +$ill+!= Good organiation, with attention to detail eferen e+  0aila.le u'on reue+t
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