GS Message for NCCS Website Feb 2017

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GS Message for NCCS Website Feb 2017
  Welcome to the National Council of Churches, Singapore   Dear Friends, Welcome to the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) and thank you for visiting our website. Founding The NCCS was constituted as a national organization of churches in July 1974, although it had been inaugurated as an ecumenical fellowship of churches known as the Malayan Christian Council as early as January 1948. Membership Over the years, the NCCS became a fellowship of churches embracing the majority of denominations and independent churches. Our fellowship includes churches large and small and they come from different traditions and backgrounds. Our NCCS family is steadily growing. As of today, our membership stands at 252. There are four categories of members. They are 1) Founder Members; 2) Full Members; 3) Congregational Members; 4) Associate Members. Every year, we receive new applications to join the fellowship. Representing Churches NCCS also makes representation on behalf of churches when the need arises. For instance, in land scarce Singapore, many churches are ‘sitting tenants’ on lease hold land. This poses a challenge of raising funds for lease renewal while trying to maintain their commitment to welfare work in community. Therefore, NCCS is engaging the authorities to relook at the high cost of lease renewal.  A Think-tank The Ethos Institute for Public Christianity is a Christian think-tank formed by the National Council of Churches, Trinity Theological College and the Bible Society of Singapore. The main purpose of this think-tank is to help Christians here reflect biblically and from a Christian point of view on the issues that confront us today. Through public dialogues, lectures and publications, Ethos assists the church in its witness in society. Our Christian Partners NCCS also believes in working with other Christian groups in Singapore. In recent years, it has cooperated with the Roman Catholic Church, Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore and LoveSingapore. When Christians can find common ground for service, then our public witness will bring honour to God. Singapore Christians are mindful that they live in a multi-racial and multi-faith society. While we worship and share our faith freely, we also need to be respectful of others who choose different paths to faith. Together with people of other faiths, NCCS continues to contribute to peace building and harmony in our nation. Yours faithfully, Rev Dr Ngoei Foong Nghian General Secretary, NCCS
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