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  REPAIR AND RETROFITTING OF REPAIR AND RETROFITTING OF MASONRY STRUCTURESMASONRY STRUCTURES EFFORTS BY:EFFORTS BY:  ABHISHEK BHATT  ABHISHEK BHATT (0506)(0506) ANTARA MASHRUWALA  ANTARA MASHRUWALA (1706)(1706) DISHITA SHAH  DISHITA SHAH (3006)(3006)  Objec! e# To study diferent repair materials and techniques to be adopted in various situation to repair deective structures o brick and stone masonry.  Re$%!&'# Process to replace or correct deteriorated/damaged materials and components o a building.  Re&!*+# Upgrading o structural and non-structural systems to provide a higher level o resistance than existed beore .   HOW DAMA,E O--URS IN BRI-K.MASONR/ STRU-TURES#  fect o !ging on rick-#ork$  %ain xposure  Temperature  &oisture !bsorption  'hemical !lteration  'ontinuous xposure to 'hemicals    'onstruction rror$  ccentrically (oaded #alls gives overturning efect )*ecorative Panels on one side+ ,upport o #orking platorms on one side  Usage o Poor quality o materials  rror due to saving in economy     M%!*e*%*ce :  'ommon maintenance to brick is to hite ash or to paint them at regular intervals+ preerably every  years.  To maintain all sanitary installation in a good condition+ any leakage notice anyhere should be intended to immediately+ since a small leakage rom nani-trap ould lead to a ma0or damage in due course.   !ny cracking herever noticed should be attended immediately either by sealing the 0oints ith cement mortar or by strengthening the cracks ith reinorced bands.
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