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  3D opportunity in the aerospace industry  Additive manufacturing takes ight   INTRODUCTION ã The aerospace industry, with its stringent certifcations, testing, and saety approvals, relies on 3D printing, making a strong case or 3D printing to become a critical part o manuacturing’s uture or the rest o us.ãrom giants like ! #viation relying on metal 3D printing or production components, and $oeing and #irbus boasting thousands o 3D printed parts on its aircrats, the advances o 3D printing on a production scale have perhaps most boisterously been verifed by the aerospace community beore trickling down to other industries.ã%#&#’s e'ploration into 3D printing as an alternative manuacturing method or their rocket in(ectors is an e'ample o how the technology has reduced manuacturing labor and time.  The Main Benefts o Metal 3D Printing or The Aerospace Industr  Ad ance#ents in 3D Printing In$uencinAerospace Industr
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