Grid-connected photovoltaic system with MPPT technique based on voltage-oriented control | Solar Panel

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    ISSN NO (Online): INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH REVIEWIN ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (IJRREM) GRID-CONNECTED PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM WITH MPPT TECHNIQUE BASED ON VOLTAGE-ORIENTED CONTROL R. JAGADEESWARI* PG Scholar, Department of EEE,Adhiyamaan College of Engineering,Hosur - 63! #, $amilnadu, %ndia& R. RAVIKUMAR M.E (Phd)** Associate Professor  ,  Department of EEE,Adhiyamaan College of Engineering,Hosur - 63! #, $amilnadu, %ndia A! #$% Proposed micro grid has a AC 'us and DC-'us, interconnected together (ith a tie lineDC )AC con*erter& AC-'us of the micro grid can operate in synchronism (ith the utility grid&%n islanded mode of operation, i&e& in the a'sence of the utility grid, *oltage on AC 'us iso'ser*ed to sho( drastic fluctuations (ith changing reacti*e po(er load on the +icro grid&$his pro*oes the need of a dynamic reacti*e po(er supplying and consuming element onAC 'us& urthermore, compensation of reacti*e po(er ma.imi/es utili/ation of capacity of  po(er con*erters and generators& %t includes a 0-le*el *oltage source in*erter 12S% (ith acapacitor 'an in DC lin& %t is em'edded (ith grid synchroni/ing control system and DClin capacitor *oltage regulating control system&  Key words 4    5Adapti*e control, lo( *oltage ride through, photo*oltaic po(er systems, po(er system control, po(er system dynamic sta'ility I. INTRODUCTION +icro grid has a AC-'us and DC-'us, interconnected together (ith a tie line DC -ACcon*erter& AC-'us is connected to (ind po(er plants, pico-hydro plant, local AC-loads and tothe electricity grid (ith an islanding scheme& Po(er uality on AC 'us has to 'e maintainedin 'oth the modes of operation of micro grid 1islanded and non-islanded& Sudden islandingof utility grid creates significant *oltage distur'ances on AC 'us& $he AC 'us has grid tiein*erters, AC-DC-AC con*erters, and con*entional synchronous generators as the sourcessupplying dynamic real po(er loads as (ell as reacti*e po(er loads& Supply of  International Journal of Research Review in Engineering and Management (IJRREM) olume! #Issue!2#$e%!2& 7 #'age no  !7     ISSN NO (Online): INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH REVIEWIN ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (IJRREM) 7eacti*e po(er reduces the ma.imum amount of real po(er that can 'e supplied 'y thesources there'y resulting into poor utili/ation of their capacity& II. PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULE&'. . S+,$# +d,/ ig& !&sho(s the solar module A !+,$# 0$1/,  1 0h+ +2+, $% +d,/  or 0h+ +2+, $%   0$1/, is a pacaged interconnected assem'ly of solar cells, also no(n as photo*oltaic cells&   Solar  panels use light energy 1photons from the sun to generate electricity through the  photo*oltaic effect& Assem'lies of cells are used to mae solar modules, or  photo*oltaic arrays& 2ery fe( modules incorporate any design features to decrease temperature8 ho(e*er  installers try to pro*ide good *entilation 'ehind the module& Another design concept is to split the light intodifferent (a*elength ranges and direct the 'eams onto different cells tuned to the appropriate(a*elength ranges& $his is pro9ected to raise efficiency 'y  :& Also, the use of infrared photo*oltaic cells can increase the efficiencies, producing po(er at night& $a'le % sho(s the;ptimal 2alues of <nno(n Parameters of the P2 +odel under S$C ' . 3. E42$,/1 %#% +5 h/ !1,/ d+d/ PV +d/, International Journal of Research Review in Engineering and Management (IJRREM) olume! #Issue!2#$e%!2& 7 #'age no  !7 2  TABLE IO0 $, V$,/! O5 U161+71 P$#$/ /#! O5 Th/ PV M+d/, U1d/# STCI PV 8.39AI O :.;<=>< -8 A R  S <.3?@R  P 9<;.3;;@  A .38'. ?. I-V $1d P-V %h$#$% /#! %! +5 $ 3.;-MW PV 0,$1 III. PI CONTROLLER& P% controller (ill eliminate forced oscillations and steady state error resulting in operationof on-off controller and P controller respecti*ely& P% controllers are *ery often used inindustry, especially (hen speed of the response is not an issue&ig&=& sho(s the 'loc diagram of system (ith P% controller  '.9. B,+%6 D$#$ +5 S! / 7 h PI C+1 #+,,/# a ast response of the system is not reuired   '>arge distur'ances and noise are present during operation of the processc$here is only one energy storage in process 1capaciti*e or inducti*e I2. C+1 #+, S #% #/ '+# Th/ G#d-C+11/% /d Ph+ +2+, $% S! / W h M00 T/%h14/ B$!/d O1 V+, $/-O#/1 /d C+1 #+, $his pro9ect is grid connected photo*oltaic 1P2 system, including a P2 array, a ma.imum po(er point tracing 'oost con*erter and a grid interacti*e, a control system& ?ithcontinuously increasing of photo*oltaic 1P2 plant@s penetration, it has 'ecome a critical issue to impro*e the fault ride-through capa'ility of P2 plant& Photo*oltaic 1P2 system (ill  'e one of the most promising rene(a'le energy systems in the near future& )*+',I-. RI/,*0/ 1R0-$*RMERI-ER1ER P2 Panel *-1R*,,ER '.;($)'.;()'.;.($) $1d () C+1 #+, S #% #/ '+# Th/ G#d-C+11/% /d Ph+ +2+, $% S! / W h MPPT T/%h14/ B$!/d O1 V+, $/-O#/1 /d C+1 #+,
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