Grade 4 English Speaking Too Adjective Nominal

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Lesson in English Too + Adjective + Nominal
  Value Focus: Kindness/Concern for Others Using Too + Adjective + Nominal I.Learning Objectives ã Use too + adjective + nominal/descriptive phrases ã Construct sentences using too + adjective + nominal II.Subject Matter A.opic:Using oo + Adjective + !ominal .#eferences:$%&C '' (.)*.) asics and eond, pp. (-  )- &anguage Arts for Filipino &earners, pp. 012-C.3aterials:illustrations, charts III.ProcedureA.Preparator Activities !.Motivation 4roup Activit: 5ivide the class into t6o groups. $rovide each group 6ith thepictures to anal7e. 'nstruct the pupils to put a cross 89 on the thingsthat a school girl/;o should not 6ear, have or do. 4ive the pupils thechance to justif their ans6ers.A. . .Unloc#ing o$ %i$$iculties incidentall < ; chanceoftentimes  man times=pot the 3ista>e  A LITTL& 'IN%N&SS A hungr cat met a tin mouse 6ho incidentall 6as alsoloo>ing for food. ?' haven@t eaten anthing et, ' feel too 6ea> to move, saidthe poor cat. ?Bh 5oes it mean no;od cares for ou the mouseas>ed surprisingl. ? ' don@t >no6. 't@s too hard for me to understand 6hat@sgoing on. Oftentimes, m masters seem to have forgotten me.%ven m favorite mat is too dirt to sleep on. %ver;od seems too;us to spend just a little time for me, replied the cat sadl. ?5on@t ;e sad m dear. ' ma loo> too small to help ;ut '>no6 ' can do it. '@ll share 6ith ou 6hatever ' 6ill get and 6e@lleat together. '@ll ;e ;ac> soon, said the mouse gladl. (.%evelopment o$ Lesson!.Presentation As> the pupils to read the fa;le ;elo6. .)ompre*ension )*ec#Up ).Bhat >ind of stor did ou read Dustif our ans6er.(.Bhat things made the cat felt sad8%ver;od seems too ;us, etc.*.Eo6 did the mouse descri;e itself8' ma loo> too small to help, etc..Bhat feeling is reflected in the fa;le1.Bhat is the moral lesson of the stor8Ans6ers ma var ,.&licitation a.Complete the sentences ; using the phrases/sentences from thefa;le. 8o ;e 6ritten on the ;oard and ans6ered orall.). ' haven@t eaten anthing etG ' feel HHHHHHHHHHH 8too 6ea> tomove(. ' ma loo> HHHHHHHHHHH ;ut ' >no6 ' can do it. 8too small tohelp*. %ven m favorite mat is HHHHHHHHHHH 8too dirt to sleep on  -.Analsis I Bhat 6ords follo6 the 6ord too in sentences )*86ea>, small, dirtBhat do ou call these 6ords 8adjectivesI Bhat 6ord follo6s the adjectives in each sentence8toI Bhat 6ords come after to 8move, help, sleep onBhat are the called 8ver;s 8o + ver; ma>es up aninfinitivea.r these sentences.). 't@s too hard for me to understand.(. he red dress is too ;ig for 3arie.I Bhat 6ord follo6s the adjectives hard and ;ig in the sentences8the preposition forBhat follo6s for 8the pronoun me and the noun 3arieI Bhat does the 6ord too in each sentence e9press8negative results ./enerali0ation I oo is used ;efore an adjective. 't is follo6ed ; an infinitive ora ?for phrase 6hich e9presses a negative result.I A noun or a pronoun follo6s the phrase too + adjective + forI A ver; follo6s the phrase too + adjective + to ).Post Activit!.Application Complete the follo6ing sentences using too + adjective + nominal.).' don@t li>e this dress, it@s HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.(.' 6on@t go out of the house, it@s HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.*.' can@t reach that star apple, it@s HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..' can@t lift this ;o9, it@s HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.1.' can@t coo> this recipe, it@s HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  .&nric*ment Activities 4ame: Bhat@s Brong Bith 3eA da ;efore, ou should have instructed the pupils to 6earsomething in class that 6ill ma>e them loo> funn/a6>6ard/strange.&et some pupils stand ;efore the class. Allo6 other pupils todescri;e them using the too + adjective + nominal/ or a ?for phrase.%9. Dason@s shoes are too ;ig for him. &isa@s uniform is too long., etc. ,.1alues Integration Bhat human characteristics or traits do ou li>e ;est or li>e mostin a personEo6 should ou treat the follo6ing Bha.6eirdloo>ing men;.rugged and dirt loo>ingc.6ell>no6n/talented personalitiesd.ne6 pupils/transferees I1.&valuation Construct sentences using too + adjective + nominal/ for phrase usingthe pictures as clues.). HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(.  HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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