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  Q: Not totally.B: All right. You have what you call a mentalfeld, yes? Q: Yes. B: The intersection o another consciousness within that mental feld creates the idea o the crosssection that youare reerring to as that disc. !ts vi rational color re#resents the level o energy that you are using $ the re%uency, the emotion and $ orange. Q: Yes. B: &o, using your emotional and, your instinct, your intuition, allow that energy to 'ow through you as you arrange the crystals. And egin to see the relationshi#s o how the energies am#liy and re'ect and reinorce each other to create di(erent ideas that eventually, in your society, will turn into actual devices that will have no moving #arts and will e constructed out o very #reciselymachined, di(erent ty#es o crystalline material. )nderstand? Q: Yes, ! thin* ! do. B: You are eginning, in a sense, to uild the +engines in a certain way that will translate the idea o locale, o timeand s#ace, into an idea ac* within you, and allow you to trans#ort yoursel where and when you wish to go. Q: -reat /0aughs1 All right. &o then, the disc on the #hoto is not a re#resentation o any e2traterrestrial... B: !n a sense, yes, ut not as you ty#ically thin* o it. Q: Not as ty#ically.B: Yes.Q: !t3s a collection o one energy with mine. B: Yes, o a + eam, in a sense, with yours. And you are seeing the crosssection o a eam, which you call, a disc.  Q: All right. B: )nderstand? Q: Yes. B: Thin* hologra#hically when you loo* at the crystals, and see the #lanes within them. &ee the dimensions within them. All right? Q: All right.B: You have, to some degree, a mathematical #enchant on an instinctive geometric level. )se it. Q:  Than* you, ! will.B: All right. Than* you very much 4 5
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