Gender, Faith, and Development

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Faith-based organizations have long been involved in charitable and development activities. However, the emerging openness to thinking about and engaging with religion in development raises some important questions. Does religious engagement in development policy and practice risk harming already fragile gender relations? What are the challenges and opportunities in negotiating the relationships between religion, gender, and development? Gender, Faith, and Development presents ten chapters which explore in different ways the relationships between religion, gender, and development. Subjects covered include attitudes towards sexual behaviour in areas with a high prevalence of HIV and AIDS
  Gender, Faith, and Development  Praise for this book ‘The timely, thought-provoking essays of this book provide valuable evidence of the impact of different gender and faith perspectives on practical develop-ment issues while also highlighting the complexities and ambiguities of reli-gious influences. Development workers, researchers and social activists will gain from these studies a greater awareness and more critical understanding of how different religious beliefs and practices, whether of Christianity, Buddhism or Islam in the Middle East, Asia, Africa or Latin America, can either be a potential barrier or alternatively a strong incentive for social change.’ Ursula King, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol ‘The collection’s particular contribution is that it cautions that the links between religion, gender and development are always complex and sometimes contradictory, with ambiguous implications for realising gender equality. The nuanced analyses in the individual papers and the editor’s contributions advance our understanding of the links between religion, gender and devel-opment in particular contexts and cultures.’ Carole Rakodi was Director of the Religions and Development Research Programme from 2005 to 2010 and is currently Emeritus Professor in the International  Development Department, University of Birmingham.  Gender, Faith, and Development Edited by Emma Tomalin Series Editor Caroline Sweetman
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