Gender Equality, HIV and AIDS: Challenges for the Education Sector

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The book shows that while gender inequalities in society generally, and particularly within the education sector, are driving aspects of the HIV epidemic, educational settings can be empowering and bring about change. It examines different expectations of what HIV education programmes and education settings can do to transform unequal gender relations and protect young people against HIV and AIDS and contribute to care for those affected and infected. It warns that an uncritical acceptance that education is a social vaccine protecting young people from HIV infection can be misleading and demonstrates that, to be effective, HIV and AIDS education must be based on a sensitive understanding of social and cultural context and the complexities of young people' lives. The book illustrates the importance of democratic learning environments informed by evidence-based policy, implemented with strong leadership for transforming deeply held values and beliefs regarding sexual behaviour and sexuality.
  Gender Equality and HIV and AIDS  A Challenge for the Education Sector Edited by  Sheila Aikman, Elaine Unterhalter and Tania Boler  Gender Equality, HIV, and AIDS  A Challenge for the Education Sector  Oxfam GB,founded in 1942,is a development,humanitarian,and campaigningagency dedicated to finding lasting solutions to poverty and suffering around theworld.Oxfam believes that every human being is entitled to a life ofdignity andopportunity,and it works with others worldwide to make this become a reality.From its base in Oxford in the United Kingdom,Oxfam GB publishes anddistributes a wide range ofresource materials for development and reliefworkers,researchers and campaigners,schools and colleges,and the general public,as partofits programme ofadvocacy,education,and communications.Oxfam GB is a member ofOxfam International,a confederation of13 agenciesofdiverse cultures and languages,which share a commitment to working for anend to injustice and poverty – both in long-term development work and at timesofcrisis.For further information about Oxfam’s publishing,and online ordering, information about Oxfam’s development,advocacy,and humanitarian relief work around the world,visit  Oxfam GB  Gender Equality, HIV, and AIDS  A Challenge for the Education Sector Edited by Sheila Aikman, Elaine Unterhalter, and Tania Boler
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