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Sterile dressing changes according to policy and procedures. Generally the dressing should be changed 2 or 3 ×/week or when wet, soiled, or nonocclusive. Line is flushed after each infusion or every 12 hours with 5–10 mL normal saline followed by 1 mL of heparin (100 U/mL). Catheter must be anchored securely to prevent its dislodgment
  CREDIT: Clo's Murmur & friendsSpecial thanks : Chinese Wiki team , Trevorrayne , Shoran, Rierin, 玉琥  and those who helped on Please join our RO Mobile for discussions :D can share it wherever you want.Please just do not post it and claim it's yours. Thanks real much..We spent lot of time and love on it,please don't be a thief. :3 ^ Just check the bottom or top of this google sheet!  Click the gear name below for Picture link  CLICK ME FOR CRAFT LOCATIONS Please know that some effect might be different after updates..!!Please commend / inform me on discord if error found..! EquipmentsType - Class  ATK/MATK/DEF/ MDEF Descriptions  沙漠之暮【1】 Weapon - Dagger ATK+144HIT+30,Enables 25% more damage on the Large monsters. 红色闪电【1】 Weapon-bow ATK+115DEX+3 , SP Consumption of Charge arrow  & Badly injured arrow  will be reduced by 40% (NYI) 柱枪【1】 Weapon-spear ATK+202VIT+3 , DEF+1% & MDEF+0.5% with every refinement(+1, not strenghthen) 布袋熊长靴 Footgear DEF+22Movement speed +5%, AGI+2  Discord : Chinese Wiki Source Set Bonus  Applicable  Jobs Equip LevelMaterialsCraft in Town  Thief 1水银*15 刹勒空结晶*150 (Mercury x15, Zargon x 150)Payon Archer 1水银*15 刹勒空结晶*150 (Mercury x15, Zargon x 150)Payon Swordman 1紫宝石*30 恶魔角*188 水银*19 (Amethyst x30, Evil horn x188 , Mercury x19)Payon大猫的祝福 (Goblin Leader drop) ,布袋熊长靴,时之蓝披肩 (Wood Goblin drop)  :STR+5 ,ASPD+5% All 1水银*15 玻璃珠*150(Mercury x15, Glass bead x150)Payon
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