Friction Homework

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Friction Problem
  Pa25 Figure Q6 1.  A moving body of mass 27 kg is being pushed up an incline by a force P = 250 N, as shown in igure ! # $e%ermine %he accelera%ion of %he body, a , if&'i(ric%ion can be neglec%ed#'ii()he sliding surfaces have a dynamic coefficien% of fric%ion, µ  =0#25#'iii(*f P is reduced %o +ero, P = 0, and µ  = 0#25, will %he bo slideback down %he slope- 2 # *f %he worker has a mass of 75kg, %he m ladder has a mass of 25kg, and %he coefficien% of s%a%ic fric%ion be%ween bo%h %he ladder and %he wall and %he ladder and %he ground is 0#25, how high up %he ladder can %he worker climb wi%hou% i% slipping-20 0  3.  A . kg bag is placed on an incline surface of ./ °  wi%h µ  = 0# # ow long does i% %ake for %he bag %o slide 5 m %o %he bo%%om of %he incline-
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