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Media Kit Created by Max Broburg, Amelia Thompson and Alex Van Valkenburgh Western Washington University-Journalism 380: Advanced PR Writing and Techniques 3/2/2017 Table of Contents: Media Backgrounder FAQ Logo with Tagline Potential Feature Stories
    Media Kit Created by Max Broburg, Amelia Thompson and Alex Van Valkenburgh   Western Washington University-Journalism 380: Advanced PR Writing and Techniques   3/2/2017   Table of Contents:   Media Backgrounder    FAQ   Logo with Tagline   Potential Feature Stories   Media Clips   Photos of the Organization      Media Backgrounder -   Press Contact:   Name: Bonnie Dean Goss   Title: Media Coordinator   Phone: (360) 303-7924   Email address:    Website:     Facebook:   145904558814332/   Overview Section:   Bellingham Central Lions Club (BCLC) is a nonprofit that servers to the community of Bellingham by providing affordable ear exams, free glasses and affordable medical equipment. The Lions Club in Bellingham also collect used eyeglasses around the community. Every few years they sort through the thousands of pairs and go down to El Salvador to give eye exams and hand out glasses. Lions are dedicated to the eradication of preventable blindness and deafness worldwide. The BCLC is a subgroup of Lions Club International, which was founded in 1917. Currently BCLC is made up of eighteen officers. They meet at 11:45 a.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at the Bellingham Golf and Country Club.   Facts:  Washington State-   ●   934,000 Washington residents have one or more disabilities. 14.3% of the state population. (Link 5) ●   Poverty rate amongst persons with disabilities (19%) is double that of persons  without disabilities (9%). (Link 4 and Link 6)    ●   313,500 Washington residents reported visual or hearing issues. 4.8% of the state population (Link 3, Link 4 and Link 6)  ○   Frank Haskell Eye Clinic offers free eye checks and eyeglasses to individuals in the community who qualify. (Link 1) ■   Eye exams can range between $50 and $250 without insurance ■   Eyeglasses can cost $60 up to a few hundred without insurance.    ○   Bellingham Central Lions Club offer hearing tests for just $50 to those  who qualify. ■    Without insurance a hearing exam can cost upto $250. ●   561,700 Washington residents reported physical limitations. 8.6% of the state population. (Link 4) ○    At any given time, the Al Boe Wheelchair Warehouse has 3000 assistive equipment out on loan. Almost all equipment is loaned free. (Link 1) ■   Up to 100 people visit when it is open every Monday and Thursday. (Link 5) ■   Power Chairs can even be loaned out for a small deposit. Typically power chairs go for upwards of $2,000 (Link 5) Bellingham- ●   Bellingham Central Lions Club help support eight other nonprofits in Bellingham. (Link 1) ○    Annually award three $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors of local Bellingham high schools. (Link 1) ○   Purchased bleachers at the Whatcom Boys and Girls Club facility. (Link 1) ○   Purchased a new barn door for Animals as Natural Therapy, a nonprofit that works with at-risk children and veterans. (Link 1) ○   Payed for equipment for the hearing impaired at the Pickford Film Center and Mount Baker Theater. (Link 1) ○   Purchased new band uniforms and a heart defibrillator at Bellingham High School. (Link 1) ○   Purchased weight room equipment at Squalicum High School. (Link 1) ●   Bellingham Central Lions Club Foundation is funded primarily through fundraising income. (Bonnie Dean) ○   Raise $60 to $70 thousand every year and give it back to the community. (Bonnie Dean) ○   Is tax exempt, all donations are tax deductible. (Bonnie Dean and Link 2) ●   LIons Club International is the largest service club organization in the world. In 2000 it had 1,413,431 members in 185 countries around the world. (Link 2) ●   The Lions Club International is a member of the United Nations. Short Bios:   Mike Simonds is the president of the BCLC. He is also a Bellingham business owner, owner and operator of All American Engraving.   Contact: (360) 733-4911   Ken Swanson is the vice president of the BCLC. Swanson is a longtime resident of Lummi Island and operates his own realty company.   Contact: (   360) 961-6066      Gloria Harden is the secretary. She is currently retired and is one of the most active members in the club for years.   Contact: (360) 733-1566   Bonnie Dean is the PR Director for the BCLC. Dean joined the BCLC in the past few  years after volunteering at the Civic Field Stadium concession stand for two years.   Contact: (360) 306-7924   Boiler Plate:   Bellingham Lion’s Club strives to support the community of Bellingham and Whatcom county by pro  viding free vision and hearing exams to those who can’t otherwise access those services. Their mission is the eradication of preventable blindness and deafness through recycled hearing aids and glasses. The Bellingham Central Lions Club has eighteen officers and have lunch meetings the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 11:45 a.m. The current club president is Mike Simonds.  Sources:   1. Bellingham Central Lio ns Club. “Bellingham Central Lions Club.” Accessed January 24, 2017.   2. Graphiq. Bellingham Central Lions Club Foundation. Find the Company. Accessed January 24, 2017.   3. Harrington, Tom. Deaf Statistics Tags: deaf, faq . Deaf population of the U.S. - Deaf Statistics - LibGuides at Gallaudet University Library. February 2014. Accessed January 24, 2017.   4. Kinne, Susan, and Tari Topolski.  Disability in Washington State . Report. Center for Disability Policy and Research, University of Washington. 9 . May 2006. Accessed January 23, 2017.   5. Kramer, Lauren. Bellingham Central Lions Club warehouse loans wheelchairs,  walkers, other medical equipment. Bellinghamherald. May 4, 2015. Accessed January 24, 2017.   6. Stoddard, Susan. 2014 Disability Statistics Annual Report  . Report. Institute on Disability , University of New Hampshire. 3 . Accessed January 23, 2017.
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