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Last Name ____________________________ First Name ________________________- ___ Student Number ________________________ Professor Claudine Mangen December 9, 2014 19:00-22:00
   Last Name ____________________________ First Name ________________________-___ Student Number ________________________Professor Claudine Mangen December 9, 2014 19:00-22:00Concordia UniversityFINAL EXAMACCO 400Accounting TheorySection CFall 2014-2015Instructions1.This exam, which is printed double-sided, has three questions. Please answereach question on this final exam booklet (and not in an answer booklet). Pleasedo not write outside of the provided space. Answers written outside of theprovided space will not be graded.2.Please write your first name, last name and your student number in the spaceprovided at the top of the first page of this final exam booklet.3.Read each question carefully before answering. 4.Please organize your answers logically and be concise. Write sentences and text;do not write in bullet points. Write legibly and be neat.5.This is a closed book and closed notes exam. No talking is allowed.6.A simple 4 function calculator and a printed dictionary are allowed.7.At the end of the examination, return this final exam booklet.GOOD LUCK! FOR EXAMINER ’ S USE ONLY Maximum MarksMarks obtainedQuestion 1: (a) 5(b) 5(c) 5(d) 5  Total Question 120 Total Question 230Question 3: (a) 15(b) 15 1  (c) 10(d) 10  Total Question 350 Total Exam100 QUESTION 1 (20 pts)Briefly describe and explain the following.1.The valuation role of financial reporting (5 pts)2.Discretionary accruals (5 pts)3.Motivated reasoning (5 pts)4.The social construction perspective on accounting (5 pts) 2  3  QUESTION 2 (30 pts)You are an accounting consultant for Facelook, a prominent Canadian social mediacompany that has been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange since 2012. Facelook ispreparing the press release that will announce its fourth quarter 2014 earnings. At thispoint, it looks like Facelook's earnings will be below the earnings forecasted byanalysts. The CEO of Facelook, Marcia Saltberg, wonders whether the content andpresentation of the earnings numbers will shape the way investors in the stock marketreact to the earnings announcement. What do you tell Marcia Saltberg? Discuss, usingthe concepts from the course. (30 pts) 4
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