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  ENGLISH MOCK EXAM A. WORD FORMATION (10 points) People of the Forest This TV (0) documentary follows a family of chimpanzeesDOCUMETwhich li!e in the forest of Tanzania #et in ($) #%ECT&C'Escenery the proramme i!es us a fascinatin insiht intothe life and social () of these creatures &CT*O (+) we humans share ,-. of our enes with &%%E&/chimpanzees indeed1 they are our closest relati!e in the animal (2) and scenes in the documentary offer clear3*4e!idence of our (5) The focus of the film is on 6ifi and#*M*'&/we first see her as a (7) fi!e8year8old who spends all her%'&9time annoyin her youner :rother Meanwhile1 the older malechimps seem to :e in!ol!ed in an endless fiht for (;) &nd it#U%/EMEis no surprise to learn that while all this is ta<in place the females are left to deal with the day8to8day (-) matters O/4&*#E Ma<e sure you set aside an hour to watch this The (,) 4EO4/&%=9splendour of the location ma<es this proramme worthwhile !iewin1 althouh our ($0) to these animals will ma<e you thin< '*3E B. MATHEMATICAL OPERATIONS (10 points)Write ot t!e oper tions in t!e #o$$o%in& e' tion %it!ot t!e se o# n  t!e ti* $ s+o$s. C. ,OCAB-LAR (10 points)For e *! %or/ +e$o% proi/e ) M *e/oni n e'i $ent or e2p$ n tion +) senten*e %!ere it is proper$ se/ in n en&ineerin& *onte2t   circumference -   conductor -   convection -   deviate -   perpendicular -  D. SENTENCE STR-CT-RE (10 points) Tr ns$ te t!e #o$$o%in& senten*e into En&$is! sin& t!e &r  ti* $ str*tres %e *oere/ in *$ ss. ã 34567 849:567 7;<= >4567 ?< 84?@. ã 34567 ?< 8479 >4567 84 <>@?< <9:=. ã 4:;<> ;<< :>494G<5< ? <?8@:<  G<:> 8@:>< 4 :>4@. ã :  6<4>4 4 64  ? J5::> :K4<> <><594<. ã 45<><;:@<> 64< ? 8@4><:> : J54G:54>4 :>4857: >@G: : ? 4G?:>.E. WRITINQ (10 points)Write  senten*es (0 %or/s) on t!e &ien topi*. -se t!e o* +$ r %e ! e *oere/ in *$ ss n/ *$e r n*$ttere/ En&$is!. Do not in*$/e  t!e ti* $ e' tions or #or$ s. ) W! t re t!e Ue #e tres to $ooU #or %!en +in& ne% *opterV W! t  Ues one PC +etter t! n not!erV W! t /i*e %o$/ o &ie soeone +in& ne% *opterV+) W! t re t!e /ieren*es +et%een  &neti* n/ opti* e/i n/ X s! eorVDis*ss t!eir / nt &es n/ /is / nt &es #or spe*iY* ses n/ in spe*iY* *onte2ts.
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