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Sarah Fata- www.mrsfata4grade.weebly.com Jane Rodriguez- www.msrodriguez4grade.weebly.com th 4 Grade’s Peek at the next 2 weeks February 27th - March 3rd March 6th – March 10th MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY
  Sarah Fata- www.mrsfata4grade.weebly.com Jane Rodriguez- www.msrodriguez4grade.weebly.com 4 th  Grade’s Peek at the next 2 weeks February 27 th - March 3 rd  March 6 th  – March 10 th     MO! #$%&'! #(&!&'! #$)%*'! #F*+! #  Day 124 27 Day 125   2, Library Books DueDay 126 1 Early Release out @11:35am Day 127 2 Unit 3 Social StudiesTestDay 128 3 Science Fun FestFriday Folders sent!o eDay 12#  6 Day 13$   7 S%&'(%' F)&* +*,-'%T DU'Library Books DueDay 131 8 Day 132 #  Day 133  1$ Friday Folders sent!o e  %c./n &ents March 1 st - Early Release Day out at 11:35am March 3 rd - AOT Science Fun Fest March 7 th - Science Fair project DUE- 8am O E! E#TOS$$$$ March 14 th   A%&S Science test March 15 th - Fiel' Trip to AOT &i''le Sc(ool March 16 th - For )1 *ear St+ #at,s s(irt March 17 th - March 24 th - Sprin .rea/0 o Sc(ool March 31 st - ran' anyon payments 'ue Important notes from the teachers: ã Social Stu'ies E2tra re'it Opportunity$$ As part o our stu'y on Ari4ona in t(e  t(  ra'e *e (a6e learne'a7out t(e 6arious i6il ar 7attles ou(t in an' aroun' our area+ On &arc( 18-19 t(ere *ill 7e i6il ar reenactments at #icac(o #ea/ State #ar/+ Anyone *(o oes to t(ese e6ents an' 7rins us 7ac/ a sou6enir rom t(e e6ent *ill recei6e 50 extra credit points in Social Studies or t(e  t(  uarter o ourt( ra'e$ A lyer or t(e e6ent can 7e oun' in t(is *ee/,s Fri'ay Fol'er+ ã Fiel' Trip to Sa7ino anyon is cancelle' 'ue to conlict *it( sc(e'ule o A;&erit+ ã Our iel' trip to t(e mi''le sc(ool is planne' or &arc( 15 t( + Stu'ents *ill et to 6isit *it( t(eir pen pal0 (a6e a sc(ool tour0 an' meet some o t(e mi''le sc(ool sta0 inclu'in A<< o t(e 5 t(  ra'e teac(ers$ urriculum !pdate an#ua#e $rts:  Stu'ents are *or/in on a 5 pararap( inormati6e essay on an Ari4ona ritter+ Rou( Drats *ere 'ue Fe7ruary =1 st + Final opies *ill7e 'ue &arc( 3 r' + Stu'ents *ill also 7e 'ra*in a picture o t(eir critter an' presentin t(eir essay as a Spea/ Up in class t(e *ee/ o &arc( > t( + %eadin#:  e are continuin to *or/ our *ay t(rou( our literature sets+ Math-  e are continuin to *or/ our *ay t(rou( c(apters t(at ocus on ractions- re'ucin0 simpliyin0 or'erin0 comparin0 a''in an' su7tractin$ #lease 7e sure your c(il' s(o*s t(eir *or/ an' completes uality (ome*or/+ Science:  Science Fair 'ue 'ate is TUESDA?0 &AR @   t(   +   Social Studies:   e (a6e complete' unit 3 an'  your c(il' s(oul' 7e preparin or a test on T(urs'ay&arc( = n' + e *ill 7ein our inal unit on Ari4ona,s o6ernment an' economy ollo*in t(e test+  Jessica Brown- www.mrsbrown4grade.weebly.com  Sarah Fata- www.mrsfata4grade.weebly.com Jane Rodriguez- www.msrodriguez4grade.weebly.com &lease consider ma'in# a tax credit donation to pa( for (our child)s *rand an(on tic'et+  Jessica Brown- www.mrsbrown4grade.weebly.com
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