Exploring the Links Between International Business and Poverty Reduction: The Coca-Cola/SABMiller value chain impacts in Zambia and El Salvador | The Coca Cola Company | Coca Cola

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This study is the result of a multi-year collaboration between The Coca-Cola Company, Oxfam America, and SABMiIIer to apply Oxfam’s Poverty Footprint methodology to the Coca-Cola/SABMiIIer value chain in Zambia and El Salvador. The methodology, which was originally developed and applied to Unilever’s operations in Indonesia, is designed to help companies understand and improve their poverty impacts. It is intended to provide a platform for dialogue, innovation, and accountability.
  Exploring the links between international business and poverty reduction The Coca-Cola/SABMiller value chain impacts in Zambia and El Salvador By Oxfam America, The Coca-Cola Company, and SABMiller  2  Exploring the Links Between International Business and Poverty Reduction  Exploring the Links Between International Business and Poverty Reduction 3   Contents 1About the organizations42Letters from our leadership8 3Executive summary124Introduction 205Setting the scene266The Coca-Cola/SABMiller value chain307Value chain: Macroeconomic impacts 368Value chain: Livelihoods449Value chain: Empowerment5410Value chain: Security and stability5811Value chain: Diversity and women’s participation6012Local environmental impacts: Focus on water and recycling6413Products and marketing7014Enabling policies and institutions7415Conclusion78Methodology8016Acknowledgments82Endnotes84  4  Exploring the Links Between International Business and Poverty Reduction 1 About the organizations Three years ago, The Coca-Cola Company launched Live Positively™/Live For A Difference, a systemwide sustainability framework that is embedded in every aspect of the Coca-Cola business. Through Live Positively the Company strives to create a positive difference in the world. Live Positively™ focuses on seven core areas key to business sustainability, with the following measurable goals and metrics for the Company and the Coca-Cola system: Beverage Benefits: Strive to offer beverages for every lifestyle and occasion while providing quality that consumers trust. Active Healthy Living: Support active healthy lives through product variety, nutrition education, and physical activity programs. Community: Foster sustainable communities through economic development, philanthropy, and the creation of economic and social opportunities. Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection: Aim to be the beverage industry leader in energy efficiency and climate protection. Sustainable Packaging: Aspire to make our packaging a valuable resource for future use. Water Stewardship: Work to safely return to nature and communities an amount of water equivalent to what we use in our beverages and their production. Workplace: Create diverse, healthy, and safe work environments aligned with internationally respected human rights principles.Progress on these commitments can be found in the Company’s annual Sustainability Review. The Coca-Cola Company sustainability platform The Coca-Cola Company  is the world’s largest nonalcoholic ready-to-drink beverage company, with the world’s most recognized brand. Its products are available in more than 200 countries, and nearly 1.7 billion servings of its products are consumed each day. The Coca-Cola system is defined as the Company and its more than 300 bottling partners worldwide.
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