Experiment 1 Chemical Oxygen Demand (Cod)

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  Wastewater Engineering (EAT 303/4) Laboratory Module EXPERIMENT 1 CHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND (COD) OBJECTIVES To determine the chemical oxygen demand of the given wastewater samples. 2.0 INTRODUCTION The COD test is used to determine the organic strength of wastewater. The basic of the test is that all organic compounds, with some exceptions, can be oxidized by strong oxidizing agents under highly acidic conditions. The COD test can be completed much quicker than BOD test ( about 3 h compared to 5 days for BOD determination). However, it does not differentiate between biodegradable and non-biodegradable organic matter in the samples. 3.0 MATERIALS AND APPARATUS 3.1 Reagent a) Digestion solution HR b) Sulphuric acid reagent 3.2 Apparatus a)   Blender b)   10 mL pipettes c)   Beaker d)   DR200 reactor e)   DR2800 Spectrophotometer  4.0 RESULTS   Record your sample details. Fill in your COD data to the table below. No Reading 1 Reading 2 Reading 3 Average Sample 1 Sample 2 5.0 DISCUSSION Briefly discuss your experiments and results.   6.0 CONCLUSION Conclude your experimental results. 7.0 REFERENCES 8.1 Dunnivat, F.M. (2004). Environmental Laboratory Exercise for Instrumental  Analysis and Environmental Chemistry, Wiley, Interscience. 8.2 APHA., AWWA., & WPCF. (1992). Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater.  16 th  Edition. American Public Health Association, Washington. 8.0 QUESTIONS 8.1 What is the purpose of using HgSO4 and Ag2SO4 in the COD test? 8.2 What are the applications for COD analysis? 8.3 Why are COD results generally higher than the BOD results? 8.4 What advantages and disadvantages of the COD test compared to the BOD test?
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