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Exercises on the Passive Voice Julio Urdaneta 26805680 Ingles II Sección B Ingeneria de Mantenimiento Mecanico
  Exercises on the passive voice - simple past  Simple past passiveA : St. Paul's Cathedral was built_ (build) by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London. Wasn't it!: es# it was. !ut $ don't %now e&atly when was onstruted (onstrut)# A :  lot of buildins were destroyed (destroy) in the Great Fire.!: !ut surprisinly# not *any people were %illed (%ill). When was it done? These are the notes on the history of Mancroft College. Write down what was done and when . In 1990: +hey built the shool,&a*ple: Mancroft School was built in 1990. 1995: dded - new lassroo*sanroft Shool was added - new lassroo*s in /00- 1996: Put up new y*anroft Shool was put up a new y* in /001 1999: 2eno3ated playroundanroft Shool was reno3ated playround in /000 2000: Put in new windowsanroft Shool was put in new windows in 4555 2011: Painted whole shoolanroft Shool was painted whole in 45// How much do you now?  Fill in the correct form of the verb and decide whether there must be a by-agent or not. Passi3 ohne by +oothpaste was first used in /67/. Wir wissen niht oder halten f8r unwihti wer etwas tat. Passi3 *it by+he first biros were *ade by a 9unarian er 9andelnde wird besonders betont. 1!  +he earliest nu*bers were written (write) about -555 years ao. 2!  +he first alphabet was used (use) in Syria about ;#-55 years ao. !  +he first Christ*as ard was sent (send) in /6-;.  #!  Paper was first produed (produe) by the Chinese in /5- . 5!  +he first biros were *ade (*a%e) La<lo !iro fro* 9unary. 6!  Penils was first *ade (first# *a%e) in the /=05s in Frane and ,nland. $!  Felt>tips was first used (first# use) the ?apanese in /017. %!  Personal Co*puters (PCs) were first# sold (first# sell) in the /0=5s. 9!  Plasti was first# produed (first# produe) in /614. 10!  +he first wath was *ade (*a%e) a !a3arian in /-57. 11!  +he first bar of hoolate was *ade (*a%e) in /6/0. 12!  +obao was s*o%ed (s*o%e) the *erian $ndians. 1 ! $t was brouht (brin) to ,urope in the /-55s. 1#!  o3ies were first saw (first# see) in @ew or% in /66-. &he accident What does the boy tell the reporter? ut in the right verb forms. !eporter What an you tell *e about the aident 9ow did it happen  #oy Well# there was a irl on a bi%e and the ar was dro3e (dri3e) by a *an. $ don't thin% the irlsaw the ar beause of the trees here. She was hurt (hurt) in the aident# but the *an was hurt (hurt)# too. 9e ouldn't open the door of the ar# he was trapped (trap). +he polie and fire*en were alled (all) and the *an was resued (resue) with their speial eAuip*ent. +he irl was ta%en (ta%e) to hospital# and the *an# too. $t was a ood thin that nobody was %illed (%ill). +his is a really danerous road. +wo boys were inBured (inBure) here last year#  but nothin was done (do). $t's still not safe here.?ulio rdanetaC.$: 4165-165$neniera de anteni*iento eDnio (71)$nles $$iurno
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