Exel Background - Senario and Sensitivity

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Escenarios de Senbilidad en excel
  Instructions for Operation of Excel Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis Used in the Course  Financial Modeling Workbook2 Introduction This file provides instructions on various excel techniques and macros. The excel functions and macros described are related to financial modeling applications. Practical step by step instructions are provided and helpful hints from actual applications are emphasied.There are a number of excel files that go !ith the discussion of each sub ect. These exercises are in the #excel exercises$ folder of your %&. 's explained on the next slide( if you !ould like to find a particular sub ect( use the %)T*( F key.  Financial Modeling Workbook+ Finding things in the Manual To Find ,tem us %)T* F For example( if you !ould like to find discussion of ho! to add sheets in macros( look for the !ord #sheets$- se %)T* FType sheets  Financial Modeling Workbook/ Creating a Scenario Analysis The data tables described above does not allo! you to ad ust a series of variables and present a series of outputs. 0ou can create an effective scenario analysis using the follo!ing excel tools- 1The index command1&ata tables1%ombo ox
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