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  Learning activity 2 /  Actividad de aprendizaje 2  Evidence: Expressing advice / Evidencia: Dando consejos You will find some situations below. Give at least four suggestions to the personabout each situation. / Usted encontrará algunas situaciones. Ofrezca al menoscuatro sugerencias a la persona respecto a la situación. A. Fuente:  SENA I want to buy a car. hat should I do! . You should investigate the characteristic of the cars you li#e $. You should loo# at the price and fit your budget%. You should find out if there are units available &. You should choose the brand you more confidence and provide and provide less e'pensive parts and good arrangement in case of emergency B.  Fuente:  SENA She wants to decorate her apartment. hat should she do! . She should find out the cost of paint brushes rollers and other implements $. She should clean all walls and arrange everything for a comfortable decoration %. She should use comfortable and old clothes to avoid damaging the clothes you wear every day and as collaboration of some professional to give your idea how to do each decoration &. She should choose design that will wor# to have security and do not miss your decoration C. Fuente:  SENA (e has a cold. hat shouldn)t he do!  . (e shouldn)t leave without shelter $. (e shouldn)t drin# colds things %. (e shouldn)t self*medicate &. (e shouldn)t eat hard foods can hurt throat D. Fuente:  SENA +hey want to ta#e care of their neighborhood. hat should they do! hat shouldn)t they do!hat they should do. . +hey should put bars on their windows $. +hey should hire private security cameras hat they shouldn)t do.%. +hey shouldn)t leave the doors open at night &. +hey shouldn)t wal# without having something to defend hen you finish your wor#, send the file to your instructor through the platformas follows- .lic# the title of this evidence. $.lic# Examinar mi equipo  and loo# for the file in your computer. a#e sure thefile is attached.%.0eave a comment for the instructor 1optional2.&.lic# Enviar  .  Una vez finalice la evidencia envíe al instructor el archivo a través de la plataforma, así!. é clic en el título de esta evidencia. #. é clic en el enlace Examinar mi equipo $ %usque el archivo en sucomputador. &seg'rese de ad(untar el archivo.).Escri%a alg'n comentario si lo considera pertinente.*. é clic en Enviar. Note:  +his evidence is an individual activity. 3emember to chec# the learningguide in order to #now if you have done all the assigned activities, #now how todevelop them and deliver them correctly. Nota:  Esta evidencia es de carácter individual. +ecuerde revisar la guía deaprendiza(e con el fin de verificar que ha realizado todas las actividades propuestas, sa%er cómo desarrollarlas $ entregarlas correctamente. Criterios de evaluación Usa los ver%os modales  should / must $ el semimodal   have to con laestructura gramatical $ voca%ulario requeridos, teniendo en cuenta el contexto.
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