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‘My Rights, My Voice’ (MRMV) is a multi-country programme implemented by Oxfam GB, Oxfam Novib, Oxfam Québec and their partners with the aim of engaging marginalized children and youth in their rights to health and education services. The programme has been implemented in eight countries: Afghanistan, Georgia, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Tanzania and Vietnam. This evaluation aimed to systematically analyse the actual outcomes of the programme and its underlying working mechanisms against the proposed outcomes and MRMV’s theory of change. Oxfam’s management response to the evaluation report is included as a separate document.
  Final evaluation of the My Voice My Rights Programme –   Synthesis report 1 EVALUATION OF THE ‘MY RIGHTS MY VOICE’ PROGRAMME  SYNTHESIS REPORT Dirk VAN ESBROECK (South Research) Solomon CHELLADURAI (Independent Consultant) Ellen VERHOFSTADT (South Research)    M   a   y   2   0   1   6      South Research CVBA - VSO Leuvensestraat 5/2 B  –   3010 Kessel - Lo Belgium T + 32 (0)16 49 83 10 F + 32 (0)16 49 83 19 www.southresearch.be  Final evaluation of the My Voice My Rights Programme –   Synthesis report  2 This synthesis report reflects the results of the hard work of a dedicated group of people. Members of the core evaluation team would like to express their gratitude to all national evaluators and peer evaluators who participated in the evaluation and whose findings and insights were part of the richness of the evaluation process but could only to some extent be integrated into this synthesis report. Separate country reports are available and provide more detailed information on the evaluation findings in the four countries visited (Afghanistan, Mali, Pakistan and Vietnam). In particular, our thanks go to the following people: Mr. Shahidzai Sartaj who was in charge of the  fieldwork in Afghanistan; Mr. Khalid Iqbal Khattak who conducted the field evaluation in Pakistan with assistance from four peer evaluators: Ms. Shaheen Akhtar, Ms. Ramsha Javed, Mr. Naeem Abro and Mr. Zakir Hussain. We also thank Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, who teamed up with Mr. Chelladurai  for the field evaluation in Vietnam, and the two Vietnamese peer evaluators: Mr. Dang Ngoc Anh and Ms. Nguyen Thanh Hung. Finally, our thanks go to the members of the peer evaluator team who supported the field analysis in Mali: Mr. Moustapha Berthé, Ms. Yasseguiré Napare, Ms. Mariam Barry, Mr. Zakariaou Diallo, Mr. Ousmane Maiga, Ms. Marcella Keita, Ms. Adam Dicko, Ms. Sokona Tounkara and Ms. Néné Kassogué. Chelladurai Solomon Dirk Van Esbroeck Ellen Verhofstadt  Final evaluation of the My Voice My Rights Programme  –  Synthesis report 3 Table of contents LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS 6   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 7   Background, evaluation objectives and methodology 7   Key findings 8   Main lessons learned 11   Recommendations 12   1. INTRODUCTION 14   1.1 Background and evaluation objectives 14   1.2 Structure of the report 15   2. EVALUATION APPROACH 16   2.1 Overall evaluation approach 16   2.2 Challenges in the evaluation process and validity of the findings 18   3. SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE MRMV PROGRAMME 20   3.1 Programme objectives 20   3.2 Country programmes 21   3.3 Global programme 23   4. RELEVANCE OF THE PROGRAMME 24   5. MAJOR OUTCOMES ACHIEVED 27   5.1 Objective 1: Awareness of the specific health and education rights of children and youth, and capacity to voice these rights 28 5.2 Objective 2: Use of improved skills to claim rights to health and/or education in decision-making spaces 32 5.3 Objective 3: Increased engagement and action of duty-bearers and influencers with marginalised children and youth 35 5.4 Objective 4: Strengthened capacity of Oxfam and partners to work on youth agency and support youth action in country programmes 38 5.5 Other programme achievements 40 5.6 Assessment of achievements in view of the initial planning and overarching Theory of Change 40  
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