Evaluation of the Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) Program

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Oxfam’s Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) program ran for four years from 2011, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its main purpose was to promote political leadership for global development. The global reach and the range of partnerships involved in the LEAP project enabled Oxfam to identify and demonstrate improvements in practice across six areas: How to influence policy Effective tactics The global balance in practice The role of Civil Society in global development policy Public support for global development issues How the project developed - identity, strategy and priorities The external and independent evaluation of the first three years of LEAP focussed on two main areas of work: Oxfam’s relative contributions to policy advocacy outcomes
  OXFAM AMERICA  Evaluation Report OXFAM’S GLOBAL LEADERS EMPOWERED TO ALLEVIATE POVERTY (LEAP) EVALUATION  –  FINAL REPORT  Author(s): Glenn O’ Neil (team leader), Jana Garay, Patricia Goldschmid, Laetitia Lienart, Laura Roper, George Ellis Ruano, Nirupama Sarma, Ana Paula Schaepers  Affiliation/Title: Owl RE Wise research and evaluation Date: February 2015    As part of our commitment to accountability and learning, Oxfam will share conclusions and recommendations from evaluations. Internally we will share with relevant stakeholders, ensuring that they have an opportunity to participate in discussion of those results in meaningful ways. We will also publish the evaluation reports on our website in accessible language. As a rights-based organization, accountability, particularly to the communities we seek to serve, is of the highest importance to us. For Oxfam, accountability requires Oxfam to regularly and honestly assess the quality of its work, share and learn from its findings with primary stakeholders, and apply that learning in future work. This is an evaluation of Oxfam America’s LEAP project. The program has been operating across 27 initiatives in numerous countries and this evaluation covers the work undertaken between 2011 and 2014. The major evaluation activities took place between June to October 2014. The evaluation was carried out by OwlRE through a competitive process and reflects the findings as reported by them as validated with stakeholders. The evaluation was managed and commissioned by Chris Stalker, Manager Monitoring Evaluation & Learning, Campaigns & Advocacy, Oxfam America. For additional information regarding the evaluation Terms of Reference, please refer to the report appendices. Please use the following when citing this document: Oxfam America, Oxfam’s Global Leaders Empowered to  Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) Evaluation  –  Final Report  , 2015, Boston, © Oxfam America Inc, http://policy-practice.oxfamamerica.org/publications/evaluation-of-the-global-leaders-empowered-to-alleviate-poverty-leap-program/    1   Oxfam’s Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) Evaluation - Final Report  January 2015 Prepared by: Glenn O’Neil (team leader), Jana Garay, Patricia Goldschmid, Laetitia Lienart, Laura Roper, George Ellis Ruano, Nirupama Sarma, Ana Paula Schaepers  2 Glossary of Abbreviations Apdev  Arica Platorm or Development Effectiveness AU  Arican Union BISAM Brazil, India, South Arica and Mexico BRICSAM  Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Arica and Mexico CFS  Committee on World Food Security  CS  Civil Society  CSOs  Civil Society Organizations ECSN  Empowering CSO Networks in an Unequal, Multipolar World EU  European Union FtF  Feed the Future FTT  Financial ransaction ax FY  Fiscal Year GAFSP Global Agriculture and Food Security Program GNI  Gross National Income GPEDC  Global Partnership or Effective Development Cooperation HLF  High Level Fora HLFAE  High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness IATI  International Aid ransparency Initiative IFF  Illicit Financial Flows IO  Intermón Oxam LC  Leadership Council LEAP  Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty  MCC  Millennium Challenge Corporation MDGs  Millennium Development Goals MEL  Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning MEP  Member o the European Parliament MFAN  Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network  MFF  Multi-annual Financial Framework (EU) NEPAD  New Partnership or Arica’s Development NGO  Non-Governmental Organization ODA  Overseas Development Assistance OECD  Organization or Economic Co-operation and Development OI  Oxam International OGB  Oxam Great Britain PA  Pan Arican PAP  Pan Arican Programme PEPFAR  President’s Emergency Plan or AIDS Relie  SGSMAD  Social Good Summit Madrid PFC  Private or Profit Contractor UN  United Nations USAID  United States Agency or International Development WEF  World Economic Forum WIN  Worldwide Influencing Network  Tis evaluation was unded and commissioned by Oxam. Te consultant team helped to design the evaluation and measures, collected, analyzed and interpreted the data, and wrote the report. Oxam staff designed the evaluation and measures, proposed the list o interviewees with contributions rom the consultant team, helped to interpret the findings, and contributed to the revision o the report.
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