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  Elise Thompson Evaluation Activity 1: In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real lifemedia products? Our task:  The task for Unit G324 consisted on us constructing a short lm in its entirety, lasting approximately 5 minutes !e then had to complete t o out of three of the follo ing options# ã $ poster ã $ radio trailer ã $ lm maga%ine re&ie page' decided to construct the poster and the lm re&ie , as ' (elie&ed that those are the t o mediums that my target audience are most likely to consume Our genre:  The narrati&e came a(out due to the narrati&e of our production, hich e thought (y conforming to the codes and con&entions of a dramatic thriller, e)d (e a(le to communicate the messages of our production easiest *ur hy(rid follo ed the story of E&e a teenager ho struggles ith a mental illness and the characters that in+uence her symptoms What are codes and conventions?odes: odes are the systems of semiotics that ork to communicate meanings either colla(orati&ely or independently odes can (e di&ided into t o categories# !echnical codes: $re the ays in hich the e-uipment is utilised ina manner that communicates a narrati&e in a text, for example ho the cinematography used ill construct a message to the audience ym#olic codes:  The sym(olic codes are the messages that lie underneath the surfaces of the &isuals of the production, for example the use of aspects such as editing can communicate ho the character feels.ome codes can t into (oth categories for examples music, hich is a colla(oration of (oth technical and sym(olic codes onventions: on&entions are the customary /or con&entional0 manner of doing things on&entions di1er from genre to genre, for example the settings appropriate for a horror lm ill di1er to the type of settings accepta(le in a fantasy  Elise Thompson $orms and onventions of the %ramatic !hriller &enre:  Elise Thompson etting: *ur production has three main locations, hich are# the park, E&e)s (edroom and the car park The opening se-uence takes place in the  Elise Thompson park, it is in highkey natural lighting and the idea of a park has connotations of childhood, innocence and therefore is not considered a stereotypical location for a dramatic thriller to take place !e su(&erted the stereotypical emotions the audience ill usually experience during a dramatic thriller to heighten the shock the audience ill later experience /a con&ention of dramatic thrillers0 The second location of a home, hich has connotations of safety and security, ho e&er this is here the main disruption happens and therefore, once again a connotation is su(&erted The nal scene is set in a car park and it as lmed in lo key lighting and this immediately connotes the danger E&e is in and adds to the climatic element of our production /stereotypical of dramatic thrillers0 Editing: *ur editor as challenged in terms of editing as they had to incorporate editing that is con&entional for (oth the drama and thriller sides of our genre ue to the fact that e created our o n orld e ere a(le to experiment ith the type of editing e used, ho e&er, our orld did re+ect senses of realism due to the locationsso e ensured not to use excess editing !e used inal ut ro for our editing and ith this e ere a(le to create the coloured tones and transitions for the +ash(ack scenes so that the audience ere a(le to distinguish (et een reality and E&e thoughts, this helped to dramati%e our production as it increased the su(stance of the dramatic content ithin those scenes !ithin amion)s scene the editing used as he ru(s his face can (e related to the thriller genre, it distorts the realism ithin our text, hich is a con&ention of a thriller as it creates a factor that the audience cannot explain and this scares them *ther than these main editing techni-ues, e used a series of straight cuts to progress the narrati&e in a linear fashion 'epresentation of protagonist: E&e our protagonist, representation &aried throughout the entirety of our production 'n the (eginning of our text, a representation of E&e could (arely (e constructed, as e anted the audience to focus on the duetagonists and &oiceo&er, ho e&er, the fact she as dressed in all (lack ga&e a ay an implication of the negati&e connotations and narrati&e that as to follo for her *nce the narrati&e progresses into the second scene E&e can (e represented as a stereotypical female in dramatic thrillers as she is constantly seen as eak and &ulnera(le (rops and costume: $ll of the characters ithin my text ere dressed in (lack, this as representati&e of their antagonistic mannerisms that transcend throughout the text The only character that ears a di1erent colouris .aura as she is dressed in a red 6umper, ho e&er this is a
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