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Remlee Forest 2/15/17 Typing Forest The Seven Deadly Sins The Seven deadly sins (TSDS) were the strongest and cruelest order of Holy K
  Remlee Forest2/15/17TypingForest The Seven Deadly Sins The Seven deadly sins (TSDS)   were the strongest and crelest order o! oly #nights in the $ingdom o! %iones& TSDS were !ormed 'y spposed criminals that committed a grievos crime& The seven deadly sins have a di!!erent animal tattoo !or each o! them& The seven deadly sins were also !ramed !or the mrder o! the *reat oly#night+ they were also permanently dis'anded and 'randed as traitors and villains& 1 ,ach o! the seven have di!!erent tattoos and the tattoos !or each o! the sins and a little 'it o! 'ac$grond is- .eliodas the leader o! the seven deadly sins is the dragons sin o! wrath and hence has a dragon tattoo on his le!t sholder+ Dian the literal giant o! the team is the serpents sin o! envy and is also part o! the giant clan& Dian was also srcinally in love with #ing a!ter they spent most o! their li!e together 't then he had to erase her memories and then she !ell in love with .eliodas years later withot even remem'ering #ing !rom when she was yong& 0et is an the Fos sin o! greed+ an sed to 'e a 'andit called andit an and was loo$ing !or the !ontain o! yoth in the !airy $ings (#ings) !orest and then !ell in love with the gardian ,laine 't then a demon came and severely in3red 'oth o! them 't ,laine gave an some o! the water !rom the!ontain and saved him instead o! her& 4!ter that is #ing the *rilys sin o! sloth+ #ings real name is Fairy #ing arle6in and he is hence the name the $ing o! !airies& 7 years ago $ing le!t his $ingdom to !ind his !riend el'ram that was captred 'y hmans+'t then went into trama indced amnesia and !orgot who he was and his mission and then spent a'ot 5 with Dian& 4!ter #ing is *owther the goats sin o! lst and srcinally appeared to 'e a large armored person second in sie to Dian 't he really anormal sied man with pin$ hair& The last seen sin is .erlin oars sin o! *lttony and the mentor o! 4rthr pendragon& First seen as a cloa$ed assisting 4thor and is also the 'est magician in ritannia& .erlin is also the one that erased .eliodas memories o! when he was !ramed& Finally the sin that we never met in the movie ,scanor the %ions Sin o! 8ride& This sin is only shown an a wanted poster and loo$s to the eye to 'e a simple grandpa 't is only a'ot 9 2 + and that is all we $now a'ot him&:n the movie TSDS ,lia'eth the daghter o! the $ing o! %iones sets ot on a  3orney to !ind the seven deadly 'ecase she 'elieves that the holy $nights are 'eginning to ta$e over& ,lia'eth then soon stm'les pon the oar at a traveling (meaning that it sits on top o! a giant green pig) that the captain o! the seven deadly 1  Fandom&com 2  Tv tropes&com  sins 3st happen to own& .eliodas and ,lia'eth then go ot to search !or the other deadly sins (and may'e sell a !ew drin$s)& The !irst sin that they come across is Dian+ then an+ #ing+ *owther+ and then !inally .erlin& ;nce all the sins were together they went 'ac$ to %iones and had a ma3or !ight with all the holy $nights and the new generation holy $nights that were actally hmans that were tric$ed into 'eing the hosts!or !a$e demons& Finally the master villain in all this+ one very demented holy $night+ went to !ar and then trned in himsel! into a white/red demon& So then all the sins and the rest o! the holy $nights that got their senses 'ac$ had to attac$ .eliodas so then he cold se his signatre move <Revenge =onter> on this holy $night trned demon&This show was srcinally a manga thogh li$e most other animes and then went on net!li as an srcinal net!li series& :t crrently has two seasons comes in english andhas a total o! 2? episodes on net!li& The main protagonist are o'viosly the deadly sins and ,lia'eth& The antagonist is endric$son one o! the leaders o! the holy $nights or a *reat holy $night& endric$son is also a drid a !orest dwelling sorcerer that revere the goddess clan and shn the demon clan yet he still 'ecame a white/ red demon himsel!&This show is amaing !or people that li$e the action genre o! anime and are o$ay with mild crsing& : wildly sggest it i! yo have not already watched the series then yoshold& This show is also very poplar in the anime world and is one o! the rare animesthat have an option o! english d''ed i! yo dont li$e s'titles& 4lso !air warning !or thepeople going to watch this .eliodas has a di!!erent way o! greeting ,lia'eth and 'y that : mean a perverted way o! greeting her&
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