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  SPMVV Tirupathi.Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship1st internal - 4th Semester MBASECTI! 1 Write an# two o$ $ollowin% &uestions1. 'e(ne Entrepreneurship) e*plain its Importan+e and t#pes o$ Entrepreneurs.,. E*plain the Con+ept o$ Entrepreneurship and Competen+ies o$ Entrepreneur.. 'is+uss aout 'emand anal#sis and $easiilit# anal#sis4.E*plain aout /arious $orms o$ the r%anisationSECTI! , Compulsor# &uestion0. a2 3ow to write a Business Plan) 2E*plain the +hara+teristi+s o$ Su++ess$ul Women Entrepreneur withre$eren+e to an# entrepreneur.
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