engr 7-2 lesson 3 candy dispenser

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Names: Candy Dispenser _________________________________________ Design Brief _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Situation: Date: Your aunt Laura, the “candy connoisseur” and “part-time scientist” has innovated a ne
  Candy DispenserDesign Brief  Situation: Your aunt Laura, the “candy connoisseur” and “part-time scientist” has innovated a new way to make candy thathas different flavors. For example, she has discovered a way to make candy that taste like chocolate ice cream, hot dogs with ketchup, and peanut utter and !elly. he would like to share her new type of candy with the  pulic y offering them free samples in stores. he hopes that y offering them free samples, they will like them so much that they will go out and uy them y the !ars and make her rich and famous. #owever, she needs someone to “invent” for her a candy dispenser. Challenge: $n this small group activity, your team is to design and develop %invent& a prototype %working model& of a small candy dispenser. Criteria and Constraints:  ã Your candy dispenser must e made with at least ' different items. ã You must decide on a name for your candy dispenser. ã (he candy dispenser must e ale to hold at least ) ounces of candy and e ale to dispense a small “free sample” of approximately )-* pieces of candy. Tools, Materials and Equipment Needed: ã + traws ã  owl ã  / ã (ape ã 0 1aper lips ã  up ã 0 1ipe cleaners ã 0 2uer ands ã  File Folder  Procedure: . tudents, working in groups of + or ), will use the engineering design process to invent a new andy /ispenser. 0. tudent groups will3a.4ssign a group leader. ./iscuss the prolem %complete 5/1 6orksheet&. c./iscuss ideas for solving the prolem %make sketches&.d.hoose the “est idea” %make final sketch&.e.7tain materials and uild a prototype %working model&. f.5valuate and test your prototype, refine as needed.g.4fter the prototype is finished, name it - e creative. 1  8ames3  99999999999999999999999999999999999999999  99999999999999999999999999999999999999999  99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 /ate3  h.:ake an oral presentation to the class descriing the completed “andy /ispenser.” 2
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