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  ENGINE COOLING – General Information/Service Specifications/Lubricant/Sealants 14-2GENERAL INFORMATION 14100010125 The cooling system is designed to keep every partof the engine at appropriate temperature inwhatever condition the engine may be operated.The cooling method is of the water-cooled, pressureforced circulation type in which the water pumppressurizes coolant and circulates it throughout theengine. If the coolant temperature exceeds theprescribed temperature, the thermostat opens tocirculate the coolant through the radiator as wellso that the heat absorbed by the coolant may beradiated into the air.The water pump is of the centrifugal type and isdriven by the drive belt from the crankshaft.The radiator is the corrugated fin, down flow type. ItemsSpecificationsRadiatorPerformance kJ/h4G63 <M/T>114,7004G63 <A/T>126,8004G64, 4D56 <2WD>170,0004D56 <4WD>227,300Automatic transmission oil coolerPerformance kJ/h4G63 <A/T>6,4004D56 <A/T>6,300 SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS 14100030121 ItemsStandard valueLimitHigh pressure valve opening pressure of radiator cap kPa75 – 10565Range of coolant antifreeze concentration of radiator %30 – 60– ThermostatValve opening temperature of thermostat  C82 ±  1.5– Full-opening temperature of thermostat  C95– Valve lift (at 95  C) mm4G6, 4D56 <4WD>8.5 or more– 4D56 <2WD>8 or more–  LUBRICANT 14100040100 ItemsQuantity  HIGH QUALITY ETHYLENE GLYCOL ANTIFREEZE COOLANT4G637.44G64, 4D56 <2WD>7.74D56 <4WD>7.8 SEALANTS 14100050110 ItemsSpecified sealantRemarksCylinder block drain plug3M Nut Locking Part No. 4171 or equivalentDrying sealantWater by-pass fitting <4G6>Mitsubishi Genuine Parts No. MD970389 orequivalentSemi-drying sealant  ENGINE COOLING – On-vehicle Service 14-3ON-VEHICLE SERVICE 14100100082 ENGINE COOLANT LEAK CHECKING 1.Confirm that the coolant level is up to the filler neck.Install a radiator cap tester and apply 160 kPa pressure,and then check for leakage from the radiator hose orconnections. Caution1.Be sure to completely clean away any moisturefrom the places checked.2.When the tester is taken out, be careful not tospill any coolant from it.3.Be careful, when installing and removing the testerand when testing, not to deform the filler neckof the radiator. 2.If there is leakage, repair or replace the appropriate part. RADIATOR CAP VALVE OPENING PRESSURECHECK 14100130111 1.Use a cap adapter to attach the cap to the tester.2.Increase the pressure until the indicator of the gaugestops moving. Limit: 65 kPaStandard value: 75 – 105 kPa 3.Replace the radiator cap if the reading does not remainat or above the limit.NOTEBe sure that the cap is clean before testing, since rustor other foreign material on the cap seal will cause animproper indication. ENGINE COOLANT REPLACEMENT 14100120156 1.Drain the engine coolant by removing the drain plug andthen the radiator cap.2.Remove the cylinder block drain plug from the cylinderblock to drain the engine coolant.3.Remove the reserve tank to drain the engine coolant.4.When the engine coolant has drained, pour in water fromthe radiator cap to clean the engine coolant line. Cap adapterAdapterCap adapter <4G6> Cylinder block drain plug  ENGINE COOLING – On-vehicle Service 14-4 5.Coat the thread of the cylinder block drain plug with thespecified sealant and tighten to the specified torque. Specified sealant:3M Nut Locking Part No. 4171 or equivalent 6.Securely tighten the radiator drain plug.7.Install the reserve tank.8.Remove the air bleed bolt and replace the seal washer.9.Fill the radiator until the engine coolant flows from theair bleed bolt section, and then close the air bleed bolt.10.Slowly pour the engine coolant into the mouth of theradiator until the radiator is full, and pour also into thereserve tank up to the FULL line. Recommended antifreeze:HIGH QUALITY ETHYLENE GLYCOL ANTIFREEZECOOLANTQuantity:<4G63> 7.4  <4G64, 4D56-2WD> 7.7  <4D56-4WD> 7.8  NOTEFor Norway, the non-amine type of antifreeze should beused.11.Install the radiator cap securely.12.Start the engine and warm the engine until the thermostatopens. (Touch the radiator hose with your hand to checkthat warm water is flowing.)13.After the thermostat opens, race the engine several times,and then stop the engine.14.Cool down the engine, and then pour engine coolantinto the reserve tank until the level reaches the FULLline. If the level is low, repeat the operation from step11. CONCENTRATION MEASUREMENT 14100110146 Measure the temperature and specific gravity of the enginecoolant to check the antifreeze concentration. Standard value: 30 – 60 % (allowable concentration range)RECOMMENDED ANTIFREEZE AntifreezeAllowable concentrationHIGH QUALITY ETHYLENEGLYCOL ANTIFREEZE COOLANT30 – 60 % CautionIf the concentration of the anti-freeze is below 30 %, theanti-corrosion property will be adversely affected. Inaddition, if the concentration is above 60 %, both theanti-freezing and engine cooling propertiers will decrease,affecting the engine adversely. For these reasons, besure to maintain the concentration level within thespecified range. <4D56> Cylinder block drain plug <4G6><4D56>44 Nm19 Nm39 Nm
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