El Salvador: Peace on trial

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When the war in El Salvador came to an end with the signing of the Peace Accords in Chapultepec, Mexico, in January 1992, there were many unresolved issues facing the country. This book in Oxfam's Country Profile series gives an account of the history of El Salvador, and the inequalities and political corruption in Salvadoran society which were contributory causes of the long-running civil war. The ecological crisis facing the country, and the unresolved issues of land tenure are also examined.
   l Salvador Peace on Trial  ontents The unfinished business of peace  3 The Land of Good Fortune  4 The modernisation of misery  11 The impossible war  12 Civil war inEl Salvador: a chronology  18 jGANAMOS LA PAZ 2 Land: the unresolved problem  24 Ending the war,constructing the peace  26 The elections of the century  31 Something new inpost-war El Salvador  36 An overdue look at the environment  41 The high cost of health and education  47 The search for an alternative  5 Opportunity in danger  59 Notes  61 Oxfam in El Salvador  62 Facts and Figures  63 Acknowledgements  63 Sources and further reading  64 Published by Oxfam  UK  and Ireland©Oxfam  UK  and Ireland 1997 A  catalogue record for  this  publication is  available from the British Library. ISBN 85598 361  2All rights reserved. Oxfam UK and Ireland Kevin Murray This book converted to digital file in 2010  MikGodwaeOxamIvMoen
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