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  Editing Techniques Used   In order to create a successful film, my editing techniques would have to be at a high standard. I used many editing techniques in order to keep it at adequate standards. These are some of the techniques I used when editing. Technique Explanation Shot Reverse ShotShot reverse shot in used inour film to show the conversation between the preacher and the protagonist. This was an effective way of introducinga new character into our sequence.FiltersI used filters in my film inorder to change the atmosphere. I used a filter called hard light, which made the atmosphere dark anddistorted.TransitionsTransitions played a big role in our film. I used many transitions in order tocreate a distorted atmosphere in the scenes.  good e!ample of this was theuse of aussian blurs transition when the protagonist confronted the character. I did, however, Iuse many straight cuts as getting too fancy would be over the top and amateur like. I also used many fadesto provide smooth scene changes when needed most.
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