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Eco-Bank Singapore Sustainability Report
    1     Sustainability Impact Report For 2017 Business Venture “Reduce and Reuse for Good”   Proposal by Turnkey Solutions Ltd (Hong Kong)  TAX INVOICE  Environmental Market Electrolux   Turnkey Group Limited, Phoenix building, floor 19, 23 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Sustainability platform  –  Eco Bank   1.0: Introduction Turnkey Group in collaboration with Eco Bank have been employed as the analytics and sustainability report channel for the Eco-Bank 2017 Reduce and Re-use campaign. After the overwhelming success of the inaugural campaign in 2016, Eco Bank have continued to positively push the boundaries of community support by launching a more comprehensive campaign in 2017. Through this initiative, the increasing need to provide an assessment of the impact  of this strong community work has been required, to showcase positive trends and provide accuracy as to the full impact of the Eco Bank initiative. The analysis highlights how Eco Bank has successfully supported a significant reduction in landfill, whilst reallocating valuable pre-loved items back into the community, providing a positive upside to charity and the public, whilst reducing both waste and carbon impact in Singapore. 2.0: Comparison Eco Bank has significantly increased the level of pre-loved items that have been collected from the general public in 2017 compared to the inaugural launch in 2016. In 2016, approximately 6,100 Kilos of items were collected through the Eco Bank structure. In 2017, the venture has enlarged to capture 10,770 Kilos of products which can be redistributed back to the Singapore community. 47,776 SGD was raised in 2016, which helped increase the longevity of clothes, books, toys and white products. It also aided disadvantaged women and children in Singapore. Based on the figure of 10,770 Kilos for the 2017 Bazaar, Eco Bank is well positioned to significantly increase the level of money raised for charity beyond previous year’ s figure. The full amount raised during this campaign will be advised post the bazaar, and Turnkey will update the report with this figure once presented. The compilation of collected products in 2017 has been highly successful, with a 76% increase in pre-loved items compared to 2016, reducing landfill waste by 4.67 tonnes over last year.  TAX INVOICE  Environmental Market Electrolux   Turnkey Group Limited, Phoenix building, floor 19, 23 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Sustainability platform  –  Eco Bank   3.0: Breakdown of Pre-Loved items by commodity For the first time, Eco Bank have been able to assess the impact of waste by undertaking a breakdown by commodity. This results in being able to review the carbon waste impact by using emission factors related to specific waste types as opposed to a generic figure which was used in 2016. The collection of items presented to Eco Bank this year can be broken down as follows: Waste Type Percentage of Waste Collected Total amount collected (KGS) Clothes 41.70 4,492 Toys 22.03 2,373 Fashion Accessories (Shoes, bags, belts, costume jewellery etc. 12.51 1,347 Books 12.30 1,325 Home and Kitchenware 7.81 841 Electronics, Musical Instruments, Audio Equipment 1.07 115 Others (CD’s, Stationery)   2.57 277 An impressive 4.5 tonnes of clothing has been collected by Eco Bank in 2017. This was well supported by Toys which made up another 2.37 tonnes. Approx. 64% of all the collection was made up with these 2 key categories. Accessories and books made up an additional 25%. These four key categories made up 90% of all the waste reduction and each of these four commodity types were popular for collection of product, with a minimum of 1.25 tonnes collection in each category. 4.0: Emissions Calculation To evaluate the carbon emissions impact from removing waste product into landfill and re-using the product within the Singapore community structure, the following benefit is realised. Waste total Total amount collected (kg) Emissions landfill (kg/T) Emissions non-landfill (kg/T) Emissions reduction (Tonnes) Clothes 4,492 1676.5 94.3 1582 Toys 2,373 80.9 49.8 31 Fashion Accessories 1,347 567.1 28.3 539 Books 1,325 416.1 27.8 388 Home and Kitchenware 841 14 18 -4 Electronics 115 1.9 2.4 -0.5 Others 277 116.6 5.8 110.8 Total 10770 2873.1 226.4 2646.3 Source: Defra waste emission record and calculation  TAX INVOICE  Environmental Market Electrolux   Turnkey Group Limited, Phoenix building, floor 19, 23 Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Sustainability platform  –  Eco Bank   Through the re-use of pre-loved items, Eco Bank have been able to prolong the use of products to the equivalent of saving 2646 tonnes of carbon emission to landfill (Calculation based on UK Defra Waste to Carbon calculation). Through the emission factors presented, Fashion Accessories, Clothes and Toys have the highest emission impact to landfill. Eco Bank are successfully reducing the carbon emission impact in Singapore through re-using existing product and reducing waste. Furthermore, Eco Bank has been successful in collecting pre-loved items that have the most negative impact in terms of landfill, hence further improving the environmental impact through the re-use of these items. 5.0: The Benefits 2646 Metric Tons of Co2 and metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E) have been saved from Landfill through the efforts of Eco Bank. This compares to 1500 Metric Tons of Carbon dioxide equivalent in 2016. 1146 Tonnes of carbon emission savings have been achieved in comparison to last year.   Source: Defra Waste to Carbon Equivalent 6.0: The Effects of Carbon Savings in to the community Eco Banks efforts to reduce climate impact and waste to landfill has created a noteworthy Carbon reduction impact within Singapore. By saving 2646 Metric Tonnes of Co2 equivalent product to Landfill, the programme has improved the environmental impact of Singapore. The tonnage saving equates to the following interesting statistics: -   Equivalent of 391 homes energy use in a single year -   559 Passenger vehicles driven for one year -   The equivalent of planting 68,754 Tree Seedlings for the next 10 years Source: EPA Government Statistics carbon impact calculator
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