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  Q: And as far as the non physical beings, or that portion of the etheric creating the crop circles ... when they impress that template, can you talk a little bit more on how the interconnection between the etheric and the physical takes place ... how it results in the microwave frequencies? B: ou must understand that what you call the etheric is like a quasi physical reality. And all reality is an e!tension of your physical reality, a more re ned e!tension of it, more #e!ible, more claylike, more malleable, easy to impress within it an image from the mind, from the consciousness. $hen, with focus, with intention, the image, the form that has been impressed, imprinted within the etheric energy is solidi ed and crystalli%ed intothe physical template. &n that sense it is 'decelerated,' soto speak, and thus, manifests in the denser physical reality, translating from the higher quasi physical to the lower, more crystalli%ed physical reality, once it has been impressed in the material of the consciousness energy. Q: &s there a time lag?B: (ot very much, but a little bit ... seconds are all that is required. Q: &f someone were in theactual vicinity, would they see anything? B: )h, yes.Q: *ould they hear something?B: )h, yes.Q: And... B: And feel something ... oh, yes. $here are many side e+ects of ioni%ation and so forth, and electromagnetic waveforms in your reality from this process. &t is one of the reasons why, more often than not, individuals are not allowed to be present. &n many cases the formation of some of the circles would have a tendency to be somewhat detrimental, upon their inception, to your physical body.  Q: And whats causing some of the radioactivity side e+ects? B: As we have -ust said, the idea of the deceleration of etheric energy into physicality will cause many di+erent restructurali%ations on an atomic level. )ne of the side e+ects is radioactivity for a limited amount of time it will then dissipate, and it will be, in that sense, safe for physical bodies to inhabit those circles. Q: /o it could be deleterious if you got into it too soon? B:  es.Q: $hank you.
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