DR200 Installation and Operators Manual 8-12

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DR200 Installation and Operators Manual 8-12
  -1    Trademark Model DR200  , Liquid Level System Manufactured by:896 Fernhill Rd. West Chester ! 19#8$61$-%#$-#988 & 8$$-''$-'$('))).eldred*ee+ui,ment.cm The e,th Ray systems ,r/ide cntinuus mnitrin* f the le/el f li+uids and slurries in a tank r /essel. The dis,lay readin* is *enerated by a ,rbe munted in the t, f thetank )hich emits an in/erted cne sha,ed ray frm the antenna end f the ,rbe. The ,rbe measures the time it takes fr an emitted ray t return t itself. The system )ill readunder ,ressure r /acuum and is nt nrmally affected by fam r air-brn dust ,articles. 0nfrmatin frm the ,rbe is sent t a di*ital dis,lay /ia a )eather ,rf shielded cable. The di*ital dis,lay is munted in a )eather ti*ht fiber*lass enclsure. The di*ital dis,lay enclsure may be munted in the cab r n the eterir f the /ehicle. The dis,lay can be,r*rammed t indicate tank le/els frm em,ty t full r frm full t em,ty. The dis,lay may be in Meters Centimeters Millimeters Feet r inches.  e,th Ray Cm,nents: DR200  0nstallatin Manual  1 e,th Ray rbe  is,lay munted in Weather ti*ht 2nclsure  #3 Master Cable  163 2nclsure t rbe Cable  4afety 5abel Relie/e ressure 7efre Rem/in* rbe 1  The ,ht re,resents a rbe )ith Camlck Fittin*s fr n Cde 0nstallatin '  896 Fernhill Rd.West Chester ! 19#8$h. 8$$-''$-'$(' & Fa: 61$-%#1-18$ OriginatorOf the: System 4afety Cn*ratulatins n yur ,urchase f 2ldred*e 2+ui,ment 4er/ices 0nc.3s e,th Ray 5i+uid 5e/el 4ystem. We are cnfident the e,th Ray system )ill ,r/ide yu )ith years f reliable and truble free ser/ice. The cm,nents in the system are f the hi*hest +uality and are cm,atible )ith a brad ran*e f material bein* laded int a trans,rt tank; h)e/er it is the res,nsibility f the installer t insure the system is installed usin* safe ,ractices and ,rcedures. 0t is als the res,nsibility the user & ,eratr f the system t insure the materials su,,lied )ith the e,th Ray system are cm,atible )ith materials bein* laded in the tank in )hich it is installed. The user & ,eratr must als be a)are f the e,th Ray safe ,eratin* ,rcedures and ,eratin* ,arameters. SAFETY FIRST, Observe proper welding and electrical saet! proced res#Ma$e s re t%e tan$ is clean and sae to weld or c t on beore beginning an! installation proced res# #  The cm,nents cntents and infrmatin in this manual and the e,th Ray 4ystemare sub<ect t chan*e )ithut ntice. e,th Ray 4ystem arameters Power Required: 12 Volts @ 7 Amps.Probe Parameters:Maimum Pressure: !! PS # $termitte$t% @ Ambie$t &emperature Maimum 'or(i$) Pressure: *! PS #+o$ti$uous% @ 1!0 De). , - tese parameters are e/eeded te Dept Ray probe must be remoed-rom te ta$( prior to eposure.'e$ remoi$) te Dept Ray Probe -rom te ta$( te ta$( must bee$ted to reliee all pressure be-ore its remoal . ,ailure to e$t all ta$(pressure be-ore remoi$) te Probe /ould result i$ i$3ury or deat. Pre/autio$ary 4ote: &e Dept Ray Probe A$te$$a is /o$stru/ted o- PVD,. A &readed PV+ Redu/er 5usi$) is i$stalled by te Dept Ray ma$u-a/turer. It is installer and operators responsibilit!&s to ins ret%ese co'ponents are co'patible in te'pat re and li( id wit% t%e laden 'aterial in t%e tan$# Fr Tec%nical S pport   cntact 2ldred*e 2+ui,ment 4er/ices 0nc. at 8$$-''$-'$(' 24T. M-F 8:$$ !M t %:#$ M if yu ha/e any +uestins r cncerns )hen ,eratin* the e,th Ray 4ystem. Mdel: =R'$$= 4erial umber: =========== %
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