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Opening: Pro: Safer Environment Redirect: Pro:​ ​Guns that are allowed in school If a teacher were to have a gun it would campuses are not left just anywhere. increase the chances someone present They are to be kept stored somewhere during a mass shooting will be able to safe away from the students and only fight back with the firearm. It might alsoused in emergencies when it is discourage an assailant from acting out in
  Opening: Pro: Safer Environment If a teacher were to have a gun it would increase the chances someone pr esent during a mass shooting will be able to fight back with the firearm. It might also discourage an assailant from acting out in the first place. Ex:    According to the, Pearl High School shooting in 1997 a student killed two classmates and injured seven others at the high school. An assistant principal, was armed, intervened and held the shooter at gun point until police arrived, and most probably prevented more people from being killed. Redirect: Pro:   Guns that are allowed in school campuses are not left just anywhere. They are to be kept stored somewhere safe away from the students and only used in emergencies when it is necessary. Con: It is dangerous to arm teachers. In a given situation teacher may not be able to handle the situation accordingly. The people who carr y guns regularly like police officers are used to all situations. states, “...   police officers are tested about the types of situations where a firearm may or may not be needed, whereas the average person carrying a gun, including a teacher, isn’t.” Meaning that teachers are not qualified to necessarily ready to face a mass shooter with such a deadly weapon. Con: Having Guns in School Will Increase Violence Simply having a gun in school will bring tension to the school environment. Not to mention that the gun can end up in the wrong hands. Having a gun in school could lead to a school shooting if a student gets their hands on it. The gun that was supposed to protect the students will end up being the gun that will harm them. The idea in general is dangerous and can lead to more deaths if the situation gets out of hands. Putting children and guns together is wrong, the schools should not get deadly weapons inside an environment where kids are meant to feel safe. References: ● ● ●   Pro: Protect the Children With teachers armed the students will be protected. The teacher can easily defend the shooter with their own gun. Having a teacher armed will prevent deaths. The teachers would have a weapon at their side. We look back at the Sandy Hooke incident in Connecticut and see how so many adults risked their lives for the students. Imagine how helpful a weapon would have been that day. With a gun the adults would have been able to protect themselves and the twenty little students that passed away that day. Having teachers armed will prevent accidents like these. Manny lives can be saved. Redirect Pro: The truth is that there is always so many things that can go wrong, that is simply Murphy's Law. The main thing to look at here is that the if teachers were to be armed there would be a certain protocol. In other words, the guns will not be handed to anyone. The teachers who will have the guns will be carefully evaluated and tested. Con: With a gun a teacher would be able to defend themselves and the students, but this does not necessarily mean that the shooter will not overpower the armed teacher. There are so many things that could go wrong. Besides the situation can get complicated if the armed teacher and the shooter get into a firearm battle, this can be really dangerous and people's lives would be at risk. There can be innocent people that get killed in between the crossfire.  Con: Children Feel Unsafe The idea of having guns in school get students nervous. Having a gun in school can result to be more dangerous than safe. It is like handing weapons to the enemy   . There are some students that do not see it as something beneficial, instead of seeing as a mode of self-defense they see all the things that can possibly go wrong. In an article in, several students from Central Valley high schools state, “   ‘It could [make it] safer,’ one student says. Another asks, ‘But what if at the same time, someone jacks the gun?’ ‘What if like the teacher loses it?’ another student asks. ‘What if the teacher shoots someone by accident?’   References: ● ● ●   Pro: A Gun is Used for Self-Defense The purpose of teachers being armed is for self-defense against any threats and nothing else. The gun will allow teachers to be able to stop the shooter from harming anyone. The gun if necessary will stop the shooter. It will be used only when there is a dangerous occasion and for no other reason. With a gun teachers will no longer be helpless if they come to come face to face with a school shooter. Redirect: Pro: There are other weapons, however guns are weapons that react faster. Also, the reaction time with a gun is quicker. In a fight between a gun and a taser, a gun will evidently win. Ther person with the taser will be dead before they even get near the shooter. Guns in this case would be the weapon that would be preferred because between a taser and a gun the person with the gun will most likely survive. Con:  A teacher can have all the guns in the world, but this does not mean they will be able to stop the shooter. In these traumatizing events no one knows what will happen. We especially do not know how each person will react. There will be evaluations for the teachers with guns, however no one really knows what will happen. For all we know that person can freeze and get themselves killed. Unlike the school shooters who plan out the shooting there are some people who are not murderers. Con: Guns are not the only self-defense method  There are other weapons that are not as deadly as guns. Guns are not the only options, teachers can use weapons that will pierce a hole through a person’s body. The key goal here in case of a school shooting is to stay safe. As long as a weapon which is not going to kill the person helps stop the shooter than it can be used instead of a gun. Gene Hoffman stated, “We should consider adding Tasers and other less lethal devices and training on their use for the adults we trust to watch over our kids.” References: ●   Pro: Parents will be more at ease knowing that their children can be protected Parents would feel more comfortable leaving their children in an institution where they know they can be protected. They would no longer feel stressed thinking all the times that their children are somewhere vulnerable, where the staff would be unprepared in case of a school shooter. “To paraphrase a saying: ‘The only person that stops a person with a gun is another person with a gun.’ Look at what happens when soft targets are attacked. If I still had children in school, I would feel safer knowing that trained and licensed school teachers and administration personnel are available for quick response to a shooting,” states Jim Lestock. Redirect: Pro: In situations with a school shooter, it does not matter if the shooter dies or not. They were the ones that decided to begin all this, the ones who were willing to kill. A teacher with a gun will act out of protection. They will be defending the students. Between the shooter and the teacher and students, the only one who should die is the shooter for even thinking about killing someone in the first place. Con: What parents do not realize is that it might be even more dangerous if there is a gun in school. With a gun in school there are many things that can go wrong, and many of these situations can end up with deaths. Parents want to be assured that their children will be safe, but having a gun in school is not the answer. It will only bring more problems. Con: Having guns, teaches students to be violent By using a gun we are teaching students to fight fire with fire. We are showing them that guns are the answer. Adults are not putting the best example, having a gun in school for the purpose of fighting demonstrates to students that problems can be simply solved by shooting a person and possibly killing them. Are grown ups not the remodels of the young. There is always a better way to solve problems, this is the way we should be showing the students.  References: oom 
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