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Daielle Hunter 3807 Wabash Avenue Apt 2B Baltimore, Maryland 21215 | 443-418- 1975 | daiellehunter@yahoo.com Objective To obtain a teaching position with a school that will allow me to grow, develop, and contribute as a teacher to the school’s evolving community. Education A.A.T., ELEMENTARY EDUCATION- ELEMENTARY SPECIAL EDUCATION | AUGUST 2015-PRESENT | ã THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF BALTIMORE COUNTY CATONSVILLE, MD · Elementary Education · GPA: 2.69 HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA| JUNE 2014 | MILFOR
  Daielle Hunter 3807 Wabash Avenue Apt 2B Baltimore, Maryland 2121 ! 3# 18#1$7 ! daiellehunter%yahoo&'om Objective  (o obtain a tea'hin) position *ith a s'hool that *ill allo* me to )ro*, develop, and 'ontribute as a tea'her to the s'hool+s evolvin) 'ommunity& Education  A.A.T., ELEMENTARY EDUCATION- ELEMENTARY SPECIAL EDUCATION  AU!UST #$%-PRESENT  &T'E COMMUNITY COLLE!E O( )ALTIMORE COUNTY CATONS*ILLE, MD -lementary -du'ation./A 2&$ 'I!' SC'OOL DIPLOMA +UNE #$  MIL(ORD MILL ACADEMY  ./A 3&7 Si/ 0 Abiitie/ MICROSO(T O((ICE /ro'ient usin) Mi'rosot Word, /o*er/oint, /ublisher and -4'el LAN!UA!E Wor5in) 5no*led)e o 6panish E12e3ience TEAM MEM)ER  SMOOT'IE 4IN!  DECEM)ER #$5-PRESENT /rep ruits and ruit ui'e Bottles9lean Dishes: Blender Bo*ls rom *or5 day/erorm 9ustomer 6ervi'eMa5e 6moothies 6erve 6moothies to 9ustomers C'ILDCARE ASSISTANT  NOODLES AND (RIENDS  MAY #$6-NO*EM)ER #$5 /repare ood and eed 'hildren9oordinate sleep times and eedin) times9lean laundryMaintain day'are by 'leanin) and or)ani;in) toys and 'rat items Re7e3ence/ Available <pon =e>uest
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