Crime and Violence in Central America's Northern Triangle: How U.S. Policy Responses are Helping, Hurting, and Can be Improved | Illegal Drug Trade

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2015 report from the Woodrwo Wilson International Center for Scholars
  Authors: Cristina Eguizábal, Matthew C. Ingram, Karise M. Curtis, Aaron Korthuis, Eric L. Olson, Nicholas Phillips Editor: Eric L. Olson Latin American Program CRIME AND VIOLENCE IN CENTRAL AMERICA’S NORTHERN TRIANGLE W o  o  d  r  o wWi   l    s  o n  C  e n  t   e r R  e  p  o r  t   s  o n  t  h   e A m e r i    c  a  s ã #   3  4   How U.S. Policy Responses are Helping, Hurting, and Can be Improved  CRIME AND VIOLENCE IN CENTRAL AMERICA’S NORTHERN TRIANGLE How U.S. Policy Responses are Helping, Hurting, and Can be Improved Authors: Cristina Eguizábal, Matthew C. Ingram, Karise M. Curtis, Aaron Korthuis, Eric L. Olson, Nicholas Phillips Editor: Eric L. Olson  Available from:Latin America ProgramWoodrow Wilson International Center for ScholarsOne Woodrow Wilson Plaza1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWashington, DC© 2015 Woodrow Wilson International Center for ScholarsISBN: 978-1-938027-42-0 Cover Photos (Left to Right): After school program in Honduras, courtesy of Honduran Youth Alliance/Alianza Joven Honduras; U.S. Border Patrol Agent training Guatemalan Police, by Miguel Negronvia (public domain); Mara Salvatrucha graffiti, by Flickr user Walking on Tracks (Creative Commons) The Wilson Center, chartered by Congress as the official memorial to President Woodrow Wilson, is the nation’s key non-partisan policy forum for tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue to inform actionable ideas for Congress, the Administration and the broader policy community. Conclusions or opinions expressed in Center publications and programs are those of the authors and speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Center staff, fellows, trustees, advisory groups, or any individuals or organizations that provide financial support to the Center.Please visit us at . Jane Harman, Director, President, and CEO  BOARD OF TRUSTEES Thomas R. Nides, Chairman of the Board   Sander R. Gerber, Vice Chairman Public members:  William Adams, Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities; James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress; Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; G. Wayne Clough, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution; Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education; David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States; John F. Kerry, Secretary of State. Designated appointee of the president from within the federal government: Fred P. Hochberg, Chairman and President, Export-Import Bank of the United States Private Citizen Members:  John T. Casteen III, Charles E. Cobb Jr., Thelma Duggin, Barry S. Jackson, Nathalie Rayes, Jane Watson Stetson  | 6  |   GuatemalaHondurasEl Salvador ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The editor of this volume is deeply indebted to the authors, as well as a number of individuals who contributed with extensive research and production assistance in the elaboration of this report. I am par- ticularly grateful for the enormous help received from Wilson Center Program Associate, Christine Zaino, who oversaw to the final editing and production of the entire report, and also contributed significantly to the Overview Chapter. Additionally, the assistance and guidance of Wilson Center Program Assistant, Verónica Colón-Rosario, was invaluable in overseeing financial management and administrative components. Several Wilson Center interns also contributed im- portant research and proof-reading help including Angela Budzinski, Alejandra Argueta, and Mary Kate O’Connell. An extra special thanks to Wilson Center research intern Kathryn Moffat who kept the project organized, contributed srcinal research, and cross-checked innumer- able footnotes. She also helped write the report’s executive summary for which I am enormously grateful. Finally, I would like to express my special thanks to the Open Society Foundation and its Latin America Program for their support for this project. We are enormously grateful for their trust in our ability to carry out this work. Eric L. Olson December 2014
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