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Emily Zawatski 5 BossAvenue, Bradford, PA,16701 | (814) 331-8682 | Carol A. Barbour Corporate Controller Friends Life Care 531 Plymouth Rd #500 Plymouth Meeting, PA, 19462 Dear Ms. Barbour: As an accomplished financial professional with a solid background in both GAAP and managerial accounting, as well as experience as a controller, I believe I offer expertise that would be of benefit to your company. With a proven record in building solid financial infras
  Emily Zawatski 5 BossAvenue, Bradford, PA,16701 | (1! ##1$6% | e&awatski%7'mail)*om+arol A) Barour+or-orate +ontroller.riends /ife +are5#1 Plymout d 2500Plymout 3eetin, PA, 14!6% Dear Ms. Barbour: As an a**om-lised nan*ial -rofessional wit a solid a*kround in ot AAP and manaerial a**ountin, as well as e-erien*e as a *ontroller, 8 elieve 8 o9er e-ertise tat would e of enet to your *om-any) :it a -roven re*ord in uildin solid nan*ial infrastru*tures, im-rovin a**ountin and re-ortin -ro*edures, and -rovidin sound nan*ial analysis, 8 would like to e-lore te-ossiility of -uttin my talents to work for you)As you *an see from my en*losed resume, 8 was rout into my *urrent -osition to interate and u-rade te nan*ial o-erations of four a;liated *om-anies) .or tis *allenin task, 8 su**essfully introdu*ed a new nan*ial re-ortin system, rout te ooks of all four *om-anies into *om-lian*e wit AAP standards, instituted new -ro*edures tat standardi&ed and im-roved o-erational re-ortin, and estalised new systems tat sim-lied asset a**ountin) 8n addition, as a *ertied manaement a**ountant trained to use te E<A== metri* system, 8 am fre>uently *alled u-on to -rovide te e-ert nan*ial analysis tat drives su**essful *or-orate de*ision makin) E>ually skilled in *losin te nan*ial ooks and *ondu*tin analysis of nan*ial results, 8 *onsider myself a team -layer willin and ale to ta*kle any *allene in te nan*ial arena) ?owever, my true -assion lies in *ost analysis and te identi*ation of *ost$savin o--ortunities) elated to tis, 8 -ride myself on my aility to develo- *lear, *oesive nan*ial re-orts tat -rovide te asis and  @usti*ation for *ane and im-rovement initiatives) nowledeale and forward tinkin, 8 ave -roven to e a res-e*ted and valued nan*ial leader in te -ast) :it a re*ord of su**ess eind me, 8 am *ondent tat 8 will e an asset to you as well) Sincerely,Emily Zawatski
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