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BRENDAN SCHMIDT Show Position Location Technical Winter Dance LD Lindenwood University Theatre A Christmas CarolALD/Board Op Lindenwood University Experience: Violet A2 Lindenwood University A Christmas CarolA2 Lindenwood University Into the Woods LD/ME Marquette High School Grease
  BRENDAN SCHMIDT Show Position LocationTechnical Winter Dance LDLindenwood University Theatre  A Christmas Carol ALD/Board OpLindenwood University Experience: Violet  A2Lindenwood University  A Christmas Carol A2Lindenwood University Into the Woods LD/MEMarquette High Schoo Grease LD/MEMarquette High Schoo Hairspray  Spot/Assist! MEMarquette High Schoo  A Christmas Carol Spot OpMarquette High Schoo Emploment Video Coordinator  Histor: St! ohn #hurchEisvie$ MO %&'((  une 2'() * +resent,ecruit and schedue vounteers- Maintain$ con.gure$ and operate video equipent- #oa0orate with tea to edit and produce video content- Oversee the direction o1 vounteer caera ops$ video directors$ and graphics ops during worship- Direct video 1or ive service 1or streaing audience and MA3! ncorporate and design pro4ection eeents into the worship e5perience! Entertainment Technician and Go-to Person Si5 6ags St! LouisEure7a$ MO %&'286a Seasona 2'(& * 2'(%Set up and operate specia e9ect equipent :1og achines$ ighting$ sound$ etc!; around the par7 1or the 6right 6est season$ as we as providing technica design$ panning and 7nowedge to the entertainent departent as needed! +rovide tech support 1or entertainent venues$ which ay incude responsi0iities such as sound$ ighting$ setup$ wardro0e$ pyro :aser; technoogy$ and set construction! Kitchen and Bathroom Installer  Duen7e #a0inet #o!Manchester$ MO %&'2(  une 2'(( to +resent :as needed;Assist instaation crew in instaing 7itchens and 0athroos$ incuding tear*out o1 od ites$ inor eectric  and pu0ing$ drywa and taping$ setting ca0inets and tops$ instaing tie$ and oding! Bren!an Schmi!t  E ent Position LocationA!!itional <orship ServicesA= >echnicianSt! ohn :2''%*+resent; Technical =BS :arge group;Lighting DesignerSt! ohn :2''?*+resent; Experience: (concert style eects in a lar!e sanct ary #en e$ S#ills: Setting up and running stage/theatrica ighting$ sound$ and edia equipent- <indows and Mac- Microso1t O@ce- +ro+resenter- +ro1essiona video caeras and video switchers- #oputer repair$ trou0eshooting$ andaintenance! So$tware % Ado0e #reative #oud Appications E&'ipment: A1ter E9ects$ +reiere +ro$ +hotoshop$ ustrator$ andAuditionE5perience running the 1oowing sound0oards* aaha #L&$ CL8$ and M#L* Anaog Boards :Aen  Heath$ Mac7ie$ Soundcra1t$ etc!;E5perience running the 1oowing ighting consoes* E># on$ Eos$ E5pression   $ and E5press* ands =ista =2 :S& and M(;* Fero?? Leap6rog* Many Others :Gon speciaied dier 0oards; Honors: Eage Scout E!'cation: Lindenwood UniversitySt! #hares #ounity #oegeSt! #hares$ MO %&&'(August 2'(& * May 2'(8B6A in >ech >heatre/Design#ottevie$ MO %&&%e5pected Dece0er (Marquette High SchooSouth >echnica High Schoo3raduated May 2'(&August 2'(( * May 2'(&#hester.ed$ MO %&'(Sunset His$ MO %&(2 #S#O Getwor7ing Acadey Re$erences: :Avaia0e Upon ,equest; Bren!an Schmi!t
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