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Michael Moss 5th Hour 01-04 ​Writing Orders, letters, and/ or messages in work or professional setting. For me to get a job or get into a collage, it's best to have some type of source to explain who you are and what is good about you is a Resume. Therefore I have created a Resume so I can always go back and
  Michael Moss 5th Hour 01-04 Writing Orders, letters, and/ or messages in work or professional setting. For me to get a job or get into a collage, it's best to have some type of source to explain who you are and what is good about you is a Resume. Therefore I have created a Resume so I can always go back and use that for any jobs or schools to get into. A Resume is all about you and helps those who are viewing it give them a better prospective of you in a good way. Resume is a great way to prove yourself before even getting the job or into a school. 02-09 Presenting a report and answering related questions. Showing what you have learned or would like to teach them something they never knew about. Presenting is to show what you had did to impress those who didn’t know about the subject you presenting. A research paper is way of looking up information about that subject and learning things about it. Also answer the questions while presenting with all the information that you had research to give out answers for those that have questions. Presenting a research paper is a skill of communicative with the audience and teaching them of what you have learned. 03-11 Reading materials to gather information. To get the information you need, you will have to look and search. For example The Last Lecture Book was the first question that came up was why the book name “The Last Lecture”? Until I read the book to find out the reason why that was the name, it eventually came out while reading the book. This is a great skill for life also because in the real world, if you have a question you will sometimes have to find them out yourself by reading, doing researches, asking  people for their thoughts and many more ways to gather the information you need. 04-19 Using a calculator to solve problems. Using a calculator to solves problems is not only math classes that I use this method. I used this method in some of my classes such as science classes, english classes, and also gym classes. The most I have used this method was in math class in my math work book. In the math work book it's shows how to use a calculator to solve the problem in the book. Using this method is not for only school, it's a life learning tool that will be use at many jobs and at home trying to figure out how much bills are and plenty of more ways to use this method. 05-25 Using computers as tools to complete tasks as needed. Using computers as a tool to complete tasks as needed in school is a great method to do your work at home when you either missed school or also sick and can’t attend school. This method that is really good for everyone to have during school is having a google classroom account so you can see daily updates of what is going on in school if you missed or didn’t  completely get the directions to what to do for that day. This is a great method that i believe that all schools should have to help those that are really trying to catch up on missing work. This google classroom also helps teachers from explaining everything over and over for those that missed school. 06-28 Recognizing and defining problems. The main thing that I have recognized that i need to fixed is my attendants for school. There’s plenty of ways that I can succeed that. One of the ways is waking up on time and making it to my first hour so i won’t miss the information that I will need to know to know how to be able to do the work that is giving to me. The main thing is getting to school even if I come to school late. You can still get all the information that you will need to do any work that is giving to you when you come in late but just got to take responsability to go to your teacher on your time to get what you need. It’s a lesson to learn of being responsability to get what you need on your time. 07-34 Having a good school/work attendance. The good thing about having good school and work attendance means different things. It can show people that are watching your attendance to see that if you are a reliable person to depend on for the job. Having good attendance also shows teachers that you are very capable of  being on time and doing what needs to be done on time. I always show up for work 15 minutes early to make sure I have all my things ready and prepared to work so there won’t be a complain about being late and not on time to work. You can always check your pay stubs to show all the days you have worked. Having good attendance is a great key to have many opportunities for school and work. Having good attendance also shows of being responsible. 08-38 Understanding the task and creating a work plan. Using a Benchmark Checklist helps me understand the task and creating this work plan. This skill helps me complete a 20 paragraph paper in a short amount of time without being  pushed to rush and finish it within a week. Using a benchmark checklist also helps me to understand each of the subjects as I write about them. I would highly suggest to use a benchmark checklist for anything that needs to be done. 09-44 Observing, considering, and describing better ways to get the job done. This skill can be use for everything. This is a skill to use when you are falling behind in school or any missing work that needs to be done. I use this skill for many things like making up work during lunch time. This skill really helps me pick out what the most important things to do first are, then do what is left last. 10-50 Developing a personal plan of action to set personal and career goals.  My personal plan of action to set personal and career goals is to work at different jobs. I would like to work at different jobs to see what I would be more interested in before I go to college. I think that it's a good idea to try out different jobs then go for something then end up changing my major during the school year which could cost more money. There is a program called Career Center that is helpful to finding what your future career job is like and also can get to try it out to see if you are interested before you go to college. This program is not only for highschool students, anyone can go after school hours to learn the same thing the teaches their students. 11-59 Properly using a means of effective communication. The school has created plenty of ways to have access to teachers for help or anything while not in school. They has created google classrooms for all student to have access to. Teachers also have created a text reminder to send out texts to all students so they won’t forget to study or leave anything that they will need before they come to school. Those skills are really helpful for students in school. I believe that those are great things that students have to get reminders so they can be successful. But the main thing to learn from this reminder help is that you is not going to have someone to remind you all the time so at some point you will have to  become more responsible to not forget. 12-64 Seeking understanding of people with different backgrounds than your own. Understanding of people with different backgrounds than your own. Order to understand about different people's lives is that you have to see yourself in their shoes at their time of life. Learning about other people's lives and how the live. For example the “Galveston Hurricane”. After I did researches i couldn’t imagine how of a bad situation it was at that time for those that lost their homes and families. This skill is showing how you can do some researches on the  background to see how it was, than have to put yourself in their shoes to see how would you see things in your way and theirs. 13-67 Analyzing community needs. Helping out the community needs is also helping those families that couldn't afford clothes or food. I like to donate extra food that I don’t like to eat and also sometimes I like to donate just to be nice. All of my clothes that I can't fit anymore, I put it into a big bag with all the other clothes that my family can’t wear anymore to donate to the clothes bin. I like to help those out that need things because you never know what they situation is and you can help them out by giving things that you don’t use for them to use. 14-70 Understanding and contributing to the mission of the team. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes is something many people doesn’t do before they judge. Understanding and contributing to the mission of the team is like understanding their  situation and feelings about something. I have put myself in other people's shoes to understand more about Body Image. After I have done plenty of research about how different people takes their body image as a big deal and some that don’t even care about themselves and also some that can’t help themselves for reasons. This is a life skill that can help you throughout life  because you shouldn’t judge someone by the way they look. 15-78 Delegating work and inspiring others to complete tasks. Making this power point for this class has made some people more interesting into sports. History Through Sports Powerpoint was a project to Present to the class to show what you have learned of the sport that was assigned to you. After I have learned about the sport I have decided to learn even more about it. The powerpoint had plenty of history information about the sport and how it was invented. This skill is after learning the history behind the sport can show you how it all started and why it’s such an amazing thing that many people likes to watch now. 16-81 Carrying out an assignment. Doing all of the assignments that are given to you and completing them is carrying out an assignment. After completing the work that was assigned, it can be use later for other reasons. I use all of my complete work for notes to use for big tests and exams. Keeping all completed work is very helpful with your future assignments. I used them to go back and look at a problem to learn each step over to understand the problem better. 17-86 Expressing an idea through creative means. Expressing an idea through creative means is explaining an idea in a different way to understand it better. For example, I have made a powerpoint for the Elements of Art so I can see and visualize the different types of Elements of Art. Each slide of the powerpoint shows different creative ways of explaining the Elements of Art. This is a skill that to helps you think of a better way of understanding something. 18-10 Reading simple and/or complex instructions such as a manuals. I have done some reading to learn about what my radio can do in my car and also learn different car lights’ meanings. For example when I bought my car, I didn’t know how to put a cd into my radio stereo system until I found my car manual. Once I found my car manual, I did some reading and followed the instructions, then I saw the button to push open the cd player. This skill can be use in the real world because you need to look around and see instructions on the road while driving to make sure you are going the right way. 19-57 Accepting to another member’s idea to improve it. After I have done plenty of writing to make sure the paper sounds good, I started to look at the comments teachers leave, to help me make rethink how to change an error. When teachers
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