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Congressman John Conyers, Jr. represents Michigan’s 13th Congressional District which includes the Detroit metropolitan area. In 2014, Congressman Conyers was elected to his 26th following term, making him the first African-American to hold the difference as Dean of Congress. Congressman Conyers, born in Detroit, MI, attended Northwestern High School. Upon graduation, he enrolled to Wayne State University for his undergraduate and legal studies. Congressman Conyers served in the National
  Congressman John Conyers, Jr. represents Michigan’s 13th Congressional District which includes the Detroit metropolitan area. In 2014, Congressman Conyers was elected to his 2th !ollowing term, ma ing him the !irst #!rican$#merican to hold the di!!erence as Dean o! Congress. Congressman Conyers, %orn in Detroit, MI, attended &orthwestern 'igh (chool. )pongraduation, he enrolled to *ayne (tate )ni+ersity !or his undergraduate and legal studies. Congressman Conyers ser+ed in the &ational uard and the )nited (tates #rmy Corps o! -ngineers during the orean *ar. Congressman Conyers is married to Monica, and they ha+e two sons /ohn III and Carl -dward .Conyers %oundaries included the east side o! Detroit, ser+ings o! the citys near west side, the inner su%ur%s o! i+er ouge, 'arper *oods, -corse, the downri+er  communities o! incoln ar  , and *yandotte, as well as the upscale rosse ointe su%ur%s. Conyers passion is, to ha+e integrity and commitment to the community and distinguished him as one o! Detroit’s !inest. Congressman Conyers and his sta!! pride themsel+es on helping the people o! Michigans13th Congressional District. In 200, Congressman Conyers %ecame the !irst #!rican$#merican to ser+e as Chair o! the 'ouse Committee on the /udiciary. 5he committee ser+es an important role as it has 6urisdiction o+er any legislation that carries a responsi%ility !or criminal or ci+il  penalties. Congressman Conyers ser+ed as Chairman !rom 200$2011, and is currently the an ing Mem%er. # !ew o! the %ills Conyers ha+e that are in progress are#.070872019 e!erred to the (u%committee on Crime, 5errorism, 'omeland (ecurity, and In+estigations.:.0711719 #t the end o! the %ill ;%e!ore the short title<, add the !ollowing= (-C. >>. &one o! the !unds made a+aila%le %y this #ct may %e used to pro+ide arms, training, or other assistance to the#?o+ :attalion.C. $10$2019 #mendment to reduce !unding !or @peration and Maintenance, De!ense$*ide %y A19 million, and increase !unding !or )nited (er+ice @rgani?ations %y A10 million.D. 0971972019 -nd acial ro!iling #ct o! 20195his %ill creates a !ederal prohi%ition on racial  pro!iling that includes targeting a person %ased on their race, ethnicity, national srcin, religion, gender, gender identity, or seBual orientation gender identity or seBual orientationData that I disco+ered was, (cott, Conyers (tatement on &ew Ci+il ights Data !rom Department o! -ducation  Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (MI-13) released the following statement on the release of the new data by CR! 5he report released today !rom the Department o! -ducation is a distur%ing reminder o! what too many !amilies already now, and what was con!irmed in the report !rom the eneral #ccounta%ility @!!ice ;#@< we un+eiled last month. @ur nation’s increasingly di+erse student  population is too o!ten hyper$segregated in $12 pu%lic schools and, sadly, educational  opportunity is not a+aila%le to all students o! color on eual terms. 5his new data, and #@’s study, are a call to action.5hat is why we introduced '..920, the -uity and Inclusion -n!orcement #ct. 5he %ill wouldamend 5itle EI o! the Ci+il ights #ct to allow indi+iduals to %ring suits against school districts that implement practices and policies that ha+e disparate impact %ased on race, color or nationality. *e must honor our o%ligation to !ul!il the promise o!   rown #. oard of $d%&ation and sei?e the opportunity presented %y the -+ery (tudent (ucceeds #ct to ta e meaning!ul and deli%erate action F supported %y the Gederal go+ernment F to le+el the playing !ield in pu%lic $12 schools.H5o summari?e this assignment I !ound it +ery interesting that on #pril , 18, !our days a!ter Dr. Martin uther ing, /r. passed away, Congressman Conyers introduced the srcinal Martin uther ing 'oliday #ct o! 183. /ohn Conyers was the !irst #!rican$#merican to hold the di!!erence as Dean o! Congress. 'e represents Michigan’s 13th Congressional District a!ter 19 yearsJ the %ill would e+entually pass into law, ma ing the third Monday o! /anuary as an o!!icial Gederal holiday. Conyers has %een a ma6or ad+ocate o! more than 100 pieces o! critical legislation including the srcinal Eoting ights #ct o! 189, the Eiolence against *omen #ct o! 1884, the Motor Eoter :ill o! 1883, the #lcohol *arning a%el #ct o! 18, and the /a?? reser+ation #ct o! 18. Congressman Conyers was also the dri+ing !orce %ehind the 'elp #merica Eote #ct o! 2002..
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