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Condition Monitoring
  IET POWER AND ENERGY SERIES 56 Condition Monitoringof Rotating ElectricalMachines  Other volumes in this series: Volume 1  Power circuit breaker theory and design  C.H. Flurscheim (Editor)Volume 4  Industrial microwave heating  A.C. Metaxas and R.J. MeredithVolume 7  Insulators for high voltages  J.S.T. LoomsVolume 8  Variable frequency AC motor drive systems  D. Finney Volume 10  SF6 switchgear   H.M. Ryan and G.R. JonesVolume 11  Conduction and induction heating  E.J. DaviesVolume 13  Statistical techniques for high voltage engineering  W. Hauschild and W. MoschVolume 14  Uninterruptible power supplies  J. Platts and J.D. St Aubyn (Editors)Volume 15  Digital protection for power systems  A.T. Johns and S.K. SalmanVolume 16  Electricity economics and planning  T.W. BerrieVolume 18  Vacuum switchgear   A. GreenwoodVolume 19  Electrical safety: a guide to causes and prevention of hazards  J. MaxwellAdamsVolume 21  Electricity distribution network design , 2nd edition, E. Lakervi and E.J. HolmesVolume 22  Artificial intelligence techniques in power systems  K. Warwick, A.O. Ekwue andR. Aggarwal (Editors)Volume 24  Power system commissioning and maintenance practice  K. HarkerVolume 25  Engineers’ handbook of industrial microwave heating  R.J. MeredithVolume 26  Small electric motors  H. Moczala  et al. Volume 27  AC–DC power system analysis  J. Arrillaga and B.C. SmithVolume 29  High voltage direct current transmission , 2nd edition J. ArrillagaVolume 30  Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)  Y-H. Song (Editor)Volume 31  Embedded generation  N. Jenkins  et al. Volume 32  High voltage engineering and testing , 2nd edition H.M. Ryan (Editor)Volume 33  Overvoltage protection of low-voltage systems , revised edition P. HasseVolume 34  The lightning flash  V. Cooray Volume 35  Control techniques drives and controls handbook  W. Drury (Editor)Volume 36  Voltage quality in electrical power systems  J. Schlabbach  et al. Volume 37  Electrical steels for rotating machines  P. Beckley Volume 38  The electric car: development and future of battery, hybrid and fuel-cell cars M. Westbrook Volume 39  Power systems electromagnetic transients simulation  J. Arrillaga and N.WatsonVolume 40  Advances in high voltage engineering  M. Haddad and D. WarneVolume 41  Electrical operation of electrostatic precipitators  K. ParkerVolume 43  Thermal power plant simulation and control  D. FlynnVolume 44  Economic evaluation of projects in the electricity supply industry  H. KhatibVolume 45  Propulsion systems for hybrid vehicles  J. MillerVolume 46  Distribution switchgear   S. StewartVolume 47  Protection of electricity distribution networks , 2nd edition J. Gers andE. HolmesVolume 48  Wood pole overhead lines  B. WareingVolume 49  Electric fuses , 3rd edition A. Wright and G. Newbery Volume 50  Wind power integration: connection and system operational aspects B. Fox  et al. Volume 51  Short circuit currents  J. SchlabbachVolume 52  Nuclear power   J. WoodVolume 53  Condition assessment of high voltage insulation in power system equipment R.E. James and Q. SuVolume 905  Power system protection , 4 volumes  Condition Monitoringof Rotating ElectricalMachines Peter Tavner, Li Ran, Jim Penmanand Howard Sedding  The Institution of Engineering and Technology 
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