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1 RUNNING HEAD: CRIME AGAINST POLICE Community Problem Report: Crime Against Police Officers The University of Texas at El Paso February 26, 2017 Bernadette Mendoza 2 RUNNING HEAD: CRIME AGAINST POLICE Abstract
  1RUNNING HEAD: CRIME AGAINST POLICE Community Problem Report: Crime Against Police OfficersThe University of Texas at El PasoFebruary ! #$%&erna'ette (en'o)a  2RUNNING HEAD: CRIME AGAINST POLICE Abstract Police officer*s +obs are becoming more 'ifficult to attain an' ris,ier- A main problem in the officer community is the rise of a specific attac, ambush- Police are being ambushe' or attac,e' by surprise at an alarming rate- One ma+or cause . have foun' for the rise of ambush style attac,s is the lac, of fun'ing nation/i'e- 0e have cut the bu'get for la/ enforcement so much that they are not being properly traine' there are not enough officers yet /e are 'ecreasing the amount of available +obs an' many officers go /ithout bullet proof vests as some cities cannot affor' them- 1ust in #$! alone there /as a 2#3 increase in ambush style attac, compare' to #$2 4(arinaccio (elber #$!5- The issue is not only ,illing an officer of the la/  but also ta,ing people a/ay from their love' ones- 0ithout the support an' protection from our officers the nation coul' crumble-  3RUNNING HEAD: CRIME AGAINST POLICE Introduction Police officers have a goal to protect an' serve the community- They enforce la/s an' puttheir life on the line every 'ay they put on a uniform- 0hile police being ,ille' in the line of 'utyhas al/ays been an issue no/ more police officers are being ,ille' in organi)e' crimes more specifically ambush style- (any people may ta,e officers for grante' but +ust recently /e sa/ in&ra)il /hat can happen /ithout our officers /hen they all /ent on stri,e- These ambush style ,illings not only affect the families of the fallen officers but citi)ens as /ell- .f there is a citi)en /ho is un'eci'e' about becoming an officer the rise in these crimes against officers may 'eter them- .n this paper . /ill 'iscuss the statistics of these crimes compare' to previous years as /ell as /hy an' ho/ /e shoul' try an' put an en' to it- Life as A Police Officer &efore you can become an officer some cities re6uire college e'ucations- Once you complete the e'ucation you must +oin the police aca'emy- 7ere you /ill learn the co'es officersspea, in ho/ to 'efen' yourself an' use /eapons they test your physical an' mental strength an' if you succee' in all the above you are rea'y to be an officer- Once you are an officer there is no typical /or, 'ay- 8ou go to the station get a briefing /ith your fello/ officers an' comman'ing officer then you get your patrol car- From there anything can happen- 8ou are taught to al/ays be alert especially /hen in uniform- 8our +ob consists of patrolling the streets ma,ing sure citi)ens are safe an' follo/ing la/s an' of course respon'ing to calls that may consist of 'omestic violence to cats in trees to car acci'ents- This is /here the mental an'  physical strength from the aca'emy come in- 0hen respon'ing to calls or con'ucting traffic stops you never ,no/ /hat ,in' of person you are about to encounter- Officers must al/ays be  4RUNNING HEAD: CRIME AGAINST POLICE  prepare' for /orst case scenarios for if they are /al,ing in na9ve the /rong person may be /aiting for them- Police officers 'o not have the 'ea'liest or ris,iest +ob in the UA- urprisingly they are number $; on the list of 'ea'liest 4Cahill #$!5- 0ith that state' the number of 'eaths /hile on the line of 'uty has been 'ecreasing since $<%# 4=e/ontin #$!5 butthe rise of ambush style 'eaths against officers is on the rise- Budget Cuts ince #$# the bu'get cuts for la/ enforcement has meant a $<-23 'ecrease in +obs- &y ## it is pre'icte' for that number to 'rop an a''ition $%3 4&u'get Cuts 0ill Ra'ically Change Policing5- &u'get cuts mean less money to hire officers- A halt in hiring means that thereare fe/er officers patrolling the streets- Also lac, of fun'ing for training coul' be life or 'eath for officers- There /as an inci'ent in Oa,lan' California of an unarme' man being shot an' ,ille' in the bac, by an officer- The officer /as struggling to 'etain the suspect an' tol' the suspect to cooperate or he /oul' be tase'- The officer then 're/ his firearm rather than a taser shooting an' ,illing the suspect- The officer /ent through training for han'ling a firearm as /ell as a taser but more emphasis is put on han'ling a firearm- 0ith training for high stress situations most are traine' to 'ra/ their firearm- This officer out of habit 're/ his firearm mista,enly instea' of his taser 47ollo/ell #$$5- >o/ many may argue that his intentions /ere to 'ra/ his firearm but /e cannot ,no/ exactly /hat the officer /as thin,ing- The point being the lac, of fun'ing to training is causing training to be shorter an' police reactions in high stress situations to not al/ays be the correct 'ecision- Another factor in police safety /ith bu'get cuts is the lac, of protective gear- Currently ?#3 or nearly ?## ### police officers 'o not have bullet  proof vests- Of the other !#3 that 'oes o/n one a thir' 'o not have properly fitte' vests- .f officers 'o not have a vest on they are $? times more li,ely to be ,ille' by a firearm 4.n @est
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