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  INTRODUCTION ã Coca-Cola is a leading beverage company in the world. Company deals in diferent types o beverages such as sot drinks and juice. Company operates its business in more than 200 countries o the world. Company has 1!200 employees through out the world those serves #00 beverages to the customers. $n the world% company also serves 1.& billion customers per day that helps the company to achieve competitive advantages in the international market. 'he Coca-Cola Company has more than 2(# worldwide bottling partners% those works together or the rereshment o customers and to drive the global success. Company has a strong portolio o products% rom diet and regular sparkling products to still beverage. Company deals in ruit juice% ruit drinks% waters% sports and energy drinks% teas% cofees% milk and soya based beverages )'he Coca-ColaCompany*.+,/ +,'$ ã mployees are the most important assets or the company. $n the Coca-Cola Company% relationship with the labors or employees are stronger that support company to motivate them towards the job and culture. Coca-Cola also has some policies that support in creating stronger relationship with the employees or labor. Company is committed to provide efective labor practices and welare o employees that support company to reduce discrimination. $n order to createefective relationship with the labor% company has opened door policy that supports employees to develop the understanding o company about the problems that employees aced in their lie as well as in work )'he Coca-Cola Company*.3$45$'6 7,C'$C5  ã $n its recruitment process% company also ollows diversity. Company sees diversity as more than just policy and practices. Company believes that diversity is an integral parto the company that provides the directions to operate business and see uture in the market. $t helps the company to achieve competitive advantages in signi8cant manner. 3iversity at workplace also supports the company to create work environment that provides opportunities to the associates o e9ual access o inormation and development o their work as well as personal lie. Company also seeks to build an efective working environment that support company to develop multi culture environment and leverage global team o associates% which has talent and ideas )'he Coca-Cola Company*. Case against Coca-Cola Kerala State: India ã $n a number o districts o $ndia% Coca Cola and its subsidiaries are accused o creating severe water shortages or the community by e:tracting large 9uantities o water ortheir actories% afecting both the 9uantity and 9uality o water. Coca Cola has the largest sot drink bottling acilities in $ndia. ;ater is the primary component o the products manuactured by the company. ã  'here have been numerous public protests o 'he Coca-Cola Company<s operations throughout $ndia% involving thousandso $ndian citi=ens and several non-governmental organi=ations. 7rotests against the Coco Cola actories have taken place in a number o districts including> ?ehdiganj near the holy city o 4aranasi@ Aala 3era% near Baipur% ajistan@ 'hane district in ?aharashtra@ and 5ivaganga in  'amil adu.  ã  'he protests by villagers rom 7lachimada% in the southern state o Aerala have shown the strength o community-led activities% even against this global multi-national company.  'hrough round-the-clock vigils outside the actory gates% they have managed to temporarily< shut down Coca-Cola<s local bottling plant. ,s o early 200(% the actory had remained closed or a number o years and a combination o community action and legal redress was aimed at permanentclosure.CC+/5$ ã From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Coca-Cola has an effective recruitment process that support employees to identify the ob description and to understand about the company!s operations in the nationaland international mar et# To ma e informed their human resources decision, company collect the information of mar et trends and tastes and preferences of customers# It helps the company to ma e supportable products in the mar et and to achieve competitive advanta$es# Company has stron$er relationship %ith the labor that helps in providin$ trainin$ and creatin$ diversity practices in the mar et#It can also be concluded that the compensation policy provides the benefits to the employees that support company in ma in$ multi culture environment #
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