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  How to Protect Your Passwords From Getting Hacked Use a variety of characters  Use a variety of numerical, uppercase, lowercase and specialcharacters to have greater protection against a brute force attack.  Avoid dictionary terms  Dictionary cracks guess passwords using lists of commonpasswords (see left) and then move to the whole dictionary. This is typically much faster than a brute force attack becausethere are far fewer options. Use a password manager Weak passwords are common because strong passwords aredifficult to remember. Password managers such as Keeper makeit easy to generate strong, unique passwords and help simplify secure password management. 123 We analyzed 10 Million passwords from data breaches. The Most Common Passwords of 2016 It would take  4.825650839752918 years to brute-force crack arandomly-generated 51 character password with letters, numbers and symbols. Keeper generates a strong password in seconds. *Sources  Have I Been Pwned · Leaked Source · Randomize · Tripwire People are finding ways to make long passwords insecure. Example   zxcvbnm 2016 Top Passwords Q&A  Why Is 18atcskd2w such a popular password?   According to Security Researcher, Graham Cluley, these accountswere created by bots, perhaps with the intention of posting spamonto the forums. 2016 was another massive year for data breaches. The Keeper research team analyzed over 10M passwords available on thepublic web, here’s what we found. How common are these passwords?   The top 25 passwords of 2016 constitute over 50% of the10M passwords that were analyzed. If my password is on this list, am I at risk?   Yes - any of these passwords can be compromised in secondsby dictionary-based cracking tools. PASSWORD 123456123456789qwerty1234567811111112345678901234567password123123987654321qwertyuiopmynoob12332166666618atcskd2w77777771q2w3e4r6543215555553rjs1la7qegoogle1q2w3e4r5t123qwezxcvbnm1q2w3e RANK Top 25 Most CommonPasswords of 2016 Nearly 17% of users are safeguarding their accounts with “123456.” After years of data breaches due to weak passwords, website operatorsare still not enforcing password best practices.Website operators must take more responsibility for password security.
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